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Fishing is a skill in Harvest moon Light of Hope and over all there are 34 fish to catch. To fish you obviously need a fishing rod. You obtain this after repairing Cyril's house. The next day there will be a cutscene where Cyril is laying
Fishing rod
on the ground outside your house, he has been robbed and is starving. He will ask you to give him something to eat. And to repay you for the favor he will give you a Fishing Rod.

When you've gotten your fishing rod you can start fishing in bodies of water (ponds, rivers or the ocean). Fishing takes patience. Wait until your lure sinks, then press the Action Button until you have reached the left side of the action bar. If you dont do anything, the fish will get away and you have to start over again. You can catch different fish depending on season, place and time.

Fishing Rods

There are some locations and fish which require upgraded rods to fish. After you recieve the fishing rod from Cyril, Gus will be able to upgrade it given sufficient materials and payment. An upgraded rod won't allow your to catch anything you can't with the basic one you recieved from Cyril, but it does allow you to occationally catch multiple fish. This makes it invaluable for winning higher ranks of the monthly Fishing Contest. The Master Rod upgrade is also required to fish at the Beach and Lighthouse Outlook. 

Name Effect Materials Price
Master Fishing Rod Chance to catch two fish Softwood x10, iron x10, Orichalcum x5 10 000 G
Glorious Fishing Rod Chance to catch three fish Hardwood x10, Soul Gem x3, Adamantite x5 50 000 G

Fishing Bait

You can catch most fish without using bait, but there are some fish out there that have more particular tastes. Bait will making fishing easier and will cause fish to bite down faster, which is nice as it saves you alot of time. Regular bait is the first kind of bait you will get your hands on, and can be bought from Sam 's shop in the second tab. He sells it quite cheaply, so it is definitly worth your while to buy some. There are also some specialty baits which can only be made in your windmill, and which require a recipe to unlock. You can acquire recipes for additional baits by completing Cyril 's requests. 

Bait Recipes
Bait   Unlock Materials
Regular Bait Cyril's 1st Request Cornmeal x4
Good Bait Cyril's 3st Request Cornmeal x4, Mosquitofish x2 / Crucian Crap x2 / White Crucian Crap x1 / Barbatus x1
Excellent Bait Cyril's 5st Request Fodder Cornmeal x4, Goby x1 / Black Bass x2 / Rainbow Trout x2
Delectable Fish Feed Cyril's 7st Request Fodder Cornmeal x4, Asparagus x3, Goby x1 / Black Bass x2 / Rainbow Trout x2
Fertilizer Fish Feed Cyril's 8st Request Fodder Cornmeal x4, Tomato x3, Mosquitofish x2
Tropical Fish Feed Cyril's 9st Request Sunset Cornmeal x5, Watermelon x2, Piranha x3
Ragnarok Fish Feed Cyril's 10st Request Yellow Cornmeal x5, Phalanx x2, Electric Eel x1


This is a list of all the fish you can catch in the game, including their favourite bait, time and place. 

Fish Season Time Location Bait
Akame Fall, Winter 7pm - 5am Mountain Ragnarok Feed
Alligator Gar Summer 6am - 7pm Farm, Mountain Tropical Feed
Arapaima Spring, Summer 11am - 7pm Farm Tropical Feed
Arowana Fall 11am - 7pm Farm, Mountain Good Bait
Banjar Arowana Fall 11am - 7pm Farm, Mountain Excellent Bait
Barbatus Spring, summer, Fall 6am - 4pm Farm, Mountain Regular Bait
Black Bass Spring, Fall 6am - 4pm Farm, Mountain Regular Bait
Bluegill Spring, Summer, Fall 11am - 5am Mountain Regular Bait
Bullhead Fall, Winter 4pm - 5am Farm, Beach, Lighthouse Delectable Feed
Calico Goldfish Summer, Winter 6am - 11am, 4pm - 5am Farm pond, Mountain pond Good Bait
Cod Summer, Winter 6am - 4pm Beach, Lighthouse Good Bait
Crucian Carp Any 6am - 11am, 4pm - 5am Farm, Mountain Regular Bait
Electric Eel Summer 7pm - 5am Ponds Tropical Feed
Goby Summer, Fall All Day Farm, Beach Good bait
Golden Arowana Fall 11am - 7pm Farm, Beach Excellent Bait
Goldfish Spring, Fall 6am - 11am, 4pm - 5am Mountain, Farm Pond Good Bait
Green Arowana Fall 11am - 7 pm Farm, Mountain Good Bait
Olive Flounder Fall, Winter 6am - 11am, 4pm - 7pm Beach Delectable Feed
Mosquitofish Any All Day Everywhere Regular Bait
Perch Any All Day Farm, Mountain Regular Bait
Piraya Piranha Any All Day Farm, Mountain Delectable Feed
Piranha Any All Day Farm, Mountain Regular Bait
Rainbow Trout Summer, Fall 6am - 4pm Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse Regular Bait
Redbelly Tilapia Spring, Summer 6am - 7pm Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse Good Bait
Righteye Flounder Spring, Winter 6am - 7 pm Beach, Lighthouse Fertilizer Feed
Sardine Any 6am - 4pm Beach, Lighthouse Regular Bait
Sea Bream Spring 6am - 4pm Beach, Lighthouse Excellent Bait
Spotted Gar Summer, Fall 6am - 7pm Farm, Mountain Fertilizer Feed
Striped Beakfish Fall 6am - 4pm Lighthouse Excellent Bait
Super Red Arowana Fall 11am - 7pm Farm Pond Ragnarok Bait
Tilapia Spring, Summer 6am - 7pm Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse Regular Bait
Tuna Winter 6am - 4pm Beach, Lighthouse Tropical Bait
White Crucian Carp Any 6am - 11am, 4pm - 5am Farm, Mountain, Beach Regular Bait
Yellow Perch Any All Day Farm, Mountain Good Bait

Fishing Contest

The Fishing Contest occurs every month on the 5th, and is a competition where you catch as many fish as you can within the time limit and compete for points, with bigger fish being worth more points. Taking any kind of bait with you is strongly adviced since fish will bite more quickly, allowing you to catch more fish within the time limit and thus earn more points. You will NOT be able to purchase bait on the day of the contest, since Sam's shop will be closed, so either stock up the day before or make some at the Windmill if you have unlocked it. To get the fishing contest started, go to the town square and talk to Sam between 10 AM to 3:59 PM.  If you win the Fishing Contest in a certain class, the next class will unlock. The prizes you can earn for each class and the points required to win are detailed below.==

Class Points Required Prize
Participation Prize - Good Bait x5
Beginner 400 - 431 Peridot Ore
Intermediate 570 - 587 Onyx Ore
Advanced 903 - 947 Emerald Ore

How To Fish

When standing near a body of water, press the Action Button and you will be prompted to select what bait to use. As mentioned earlier, fishing without bait is possible (See Fishing Bait for more information). After selecting your bait, press the Action Button to confirm and cast your line. You should now see fish - shaped shadows lurking about in the water; if not, you will need to reel in and cast again (don't worry, this should not use the selected bait). Wait for one of the fish to bite on the line, and then press the Action Button repeatedly to deplete the fish's stamina from the bar. When the fish is out of stamina, you should automatically reel it in and catch it. 

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