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The Summer flea market.

The Flea Market is an event that occurs on the 22nd of every month in the Waffle Town Square in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

Stalls will be set up on this day, and vendors will sell special goods that they normally do not sell. Summer and Spring flea markets are typically identical, and Fall and Winter flea markets are the same.

Spring/Summer Vendors


Item Price
Cutting Board (Gorgeous Style) 3000G
Pot (Gorgeous Style) 3750G
Frying Pan (Gorgeous Style) 3300G
Oven (Gorgeous Style) 4050G
Mixer (Gorgeous Style) 2700G
Aging Pot (Gorgeous Style) 3675G
Rice Ball 60G
Grilled Yam 165G
Ostonaise 480G


Item Price
Pontana Root 225G
Red Herb Seeds 135G
Decent Wool Yarn 375G
Apple 225G
Glass 45G
Plain Omelet 240G
Bamboo Shoot 315G


Item Price
Cosmos 75G
Snowflake Flower 120G
Trend: Blue (Male) 3600G
Trend: Red (Male) 3900G
Trend: Yellow (Male) 4200G
Trend: Green (Male) 4500G
Trend: Purple (Male) 4800G
Cute: Pink (Female) 3600G
Cute: Yellow  (Female) 3900G
Cute: Green  (Female) 4200G
Cute: Blue  (Female) 4500G
Cute: Purple  (Female) 4800G

Fall/Winter Vendors


Item Price
Cookie 300G
Herb Cookie 345G
Mont Blanc Cake 870G
Shortcake 1095G
Carrot Cake 900G
Pumpkin Cake 990G
Pumpkin Pudding 495G
Pumpkin Pie 645G
Chestnut Pie 555G
Sweet Potato Cake 660G


Item Price
Bunny Ears 9000G
Top Hat 5100G
Samurai Wig (Male ONLY) 15000G
Bow (Female ONLY) 15000G


Item Price
Copper 120G
Silver 165G
Gold 225G
Country Blue (Male) 3600G
Country Red (Male) 3900G
Country Yellow (Male) 4200G
Country Green (Male) 4500G
Country Purple (Male) 4800G
Cargo Pink (Female) 3600G
Cargo Yellow  (Female) 3900G
Cargo Green  (Female) 4200G
Cargo Blue  (Female) 4500G
Cargo Purple  (Female) 4800G


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