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This article is about Flora a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Flora, a character from Harvest Moon DS.

Flora (フローラ Furōra) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful LifeHarvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

If you visit Carter's Dig Site, you've most likely seen Flora. A fellow archaeologist, she's Carter's assistant who works hard day and night. Somewhat of a recluse, she rarely leaves the Dig Site, but enjoys walks in town on occasion. Despite rumors, Flora's relationship with Carter is strictly professional. Although a dedicated worker, Carter frequently comments to the player that Flora is not an excellent cook.

Flora has no family in town (and no other family is ever mentioned elsewhere), so she mostly focuses on her work. Befriending Flora may result in your child growing up to be a future archaeologist. If (s)he has a scholarly personality, making friends with Flora and Carter will help him or her go down that career path.

She will also give the player a necklace in Chapter 3 if befriended. It's unknown whether or not this has any effect on your son's career path. For the most part, Flora's schedule and mannerisms remain the same throughout the course of the game. She also ages very little in later chapters. 


Gift Preferences
Liked Cooked Dishes, Crops, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Cheese, Butter, Curry
Disliked Dig Items (Fossils, Ores, Coins, Statues), Flowers, Low Quality Crops

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