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Flower Bud Bakery is a shop in Harvest Moon 64 run by Jeff and Elli. It sells various sweets to the player to allow them to recover stamina.

The Bakery is open from 9AM until 5AM, and is closed on Mondays and festival days. Jeff will always be here. Elli will either be inside or outside with her grandmother, Ellen. It also has a raffle at the end of the year.


Products Cost
Cake 300 G
Pie 350 G
Cookie 300 G
Tea 200 G
Water Free


During the end of Winter, the Bakery holds a raffle for chances to win prizes. The first time the player buys a cake, they receive a card showing how many points they've earned. One cake counts as one point, and a raffle ticket costs ten points. The player has can draw as many tickets as they can to try and win all the prizes until they run out of points. The following prizes are:

  • 1st Prize: Tablecloth - A pretty blue and white checkered tablecloth will cover the table in the middle of the player's living room.
  • 2nd Prize: Mug- A blue and white mug will sit on the kitchen table.
  • 3rd Prize: Luncheon Mats- A couple of yellow placemats will spruce up the kitchen table.
  • 4th Prize: Honey - It will fill an empty bottle and refill all of energy and cure all fatigue when the player drinks it. This prize can be won repeatedly as long as the player drinks the honey and has the bottle empty.
  • Blank: Jeff will give the player a bag of cookies as a consolation prize.
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