The Flower Festival is a celebration in Harvest Moon 64, dedicated to the Goddess of Spring, held in the Town Square from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the 23rd of Spring.

Several unique items can be purchased at the Flower Festival; Rick sells the Bottle for 200g, Basil and Lillia sell Pink-Cat-Mint flower seeds for 300g per bag, and Sammy sells a Power Berry for 1000g.

The player can dance with one of the bachelorettes at the Flower Festival; however, they cannot dance with the girl chosen as the Goddess unless their Affection is already very high, or the player is the Harvest King.

The Goddess is chosen by voting in the Town Square over the week prior to the Flower Festival; the player may cast a vote once per day, but it's not guaranteed that their choice will be the winner.

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