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Flower Lillia is a shop in Harvest Moon 64. Basil, Lillia and Popuri live here. Lillia sells vegetable, grass and flower seeds to the player, and gives information about the harvested crops' sale prices.

It is open from 9AM until 5PM, and is closed on Sundays. When it is open, Lilia will always be here. Popuri will often be outside (unless it is raining), and Basil and Elli will sometimes be found here. All plant seeds are sold here and a flower raffle is also held here.


Flower Lillia sells seeds according to Season. If the player has a Greenhouse, the store will sell all of the seeds (with the exception of strawberries, which are sold in Winter). This way, the player can plant any crop that they want.

Seed Cost
Turnip 200 G
Potato 200 G
Cabbage 200 G
Tomato 300 G
Corn 300 G
Eggplant 300 G

Strawberries (Greenhouse only)

500 G
Grass 500 G
Moondrop Flower 300 G
Blue Mist Flower 500 G


During Winter, Flower Lillia holds a raffle for chances to earn prizes. The first time the player buys flower seeds, they receive a card showing how many points they've earned. A box of seeds counts as one point, and a raffle ticket costs ten points. The player can draw as many tickets as they can to try and win all the prizes until they run out of points. The following prizes are:

  • 1st Prize: Cushion - This will serve as another pillow on the player's bed. Increases fatigue restoration when sleeping to 3 per hour (from 2 per hour).
  • 2nd Prize: Flower Bath Crystals - They appear in the player's possessions menu and will help to recover more fatigue when taking a bath.
  • 3rd Prize: Flower Seal - More stickers are given for the player to mark dates on the calendar.
  • 4th Prize: Pink Cat Mint Seeds - Usually only sold at the Flower Festival. These can be repeatedly won in the raffle.
  • Blank ticket: A box of Moondrop Flower seeds is given as a consolation prize.
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