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Flute Fields is a district in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

The Flute Fields district is located east of your farm, across the stone bridge. Fugue Forest, Horn Ranch, Marimba Farm, Moon Hill, Horn Ranch's windmill, the district's watermill, Chase's house, and Julius's house are located here. You can buy animal care items, purchase/sell livestock, seeds, and saplings.

The shops in this district are closed on Wednesdays and festival days.

Horn Ranch

Horn Ranch is open from 8am to 8pm. Hannah runs the ranch's shop and sells animal care items, animal products, livestock, and cooking recipes. Her husband, Cain, and her daughter, Renee, also live at Horn Ranch.

When you visit Horn Ranch for the first time, go to their barn and Cain will give you a free calf and a free brush. Hannah will give you the Sickle when you enter the shop.


The windmill is located at Horn Ranch. You can grind Rock Salt, Sugarcane, Coffee Beans, and Red Chili there on windy days. The wind strength affects the quality of your ground product(s). To find the wind strength, look at the windmill icon at the upper-left corner of your screen to see if it is spinning. If you brought a tv from the general store you can watch Elli's weather report and she will tell you what the wind strength will be for the following day.

Moon Hill

Moon Hill is located between Horn Ranch and Marimba Farm. It is only open on Day 13 of Fall, the Moon Viewing Festival, and Winter 11 for the Starry Night Festival.

Marimba Farm

Marimba Farm is open from 8am to 8pm. Ruth runs the store, and her husband Craig and children Anissa and Taylor live on the farm with them. Taylor does not return to the farm until you purchase a telephone, and Anissa does not arrive until you have rung the yellow bell.

You may purchase seasonal seeds, seasonal crops, fertilizer, saplings, and cooking recipes in the store.

Chase's house is next door to the Store.


The Waterwheel is on the south-eastern path of Flute Fields near Julius's house. You can grind Corn, Wheat, and Buckwheat if there is wind. Corn can be ground into cornmeal, wheat into wheat flour and buckwheat into buckwheat flour. 


  • Snowstorm: crop rank +2
  • Snow: crop rank +1
  • Rain: crop rank -1
  • Heavy Rain: crop rank -2
  • Hurricane: crop rank -3

Fugue Forest

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