Foraged items are items you can find on the ground for you to pick up. Excluding the fish and bugs which have their own category, foraged items include items such as flowers, herbs, nuts, rocks, and branches.

These items will change per season and usually have an associated star quality to them. Organic items would also suffer from decay over time. Their freshness value will lower until it becomes rotten, which also affect resale value.

It is also possible to find items by diving into deep water. Although this method takes up a lot of energy and generates a random chance of obtaining an item. As odd as it seems to be you'll also be able to find flowers by diving.

Foraged items will also come out of tree stumps and "cracks" in the mountains. This game has many different areas for the player to forage for items.

Below is a chart of these items and their sell value.

Item Season Location Profit .5 stars Profit 2.5 stars Profit 5 stars
Moondrop Flower Spring, Fall 30g 50g 80g
Magic Blue Flower Spring, Fall 30g 50g 80g
Magic Red Flower Summer, Winter 60g
Chamomile Spring, Fall 30g 50g 80g
Mint Spring, Fall 30g 50g 80g
Lavender Fall, Winter 30g 50g 80g
Elli Leaves (エリ草) Winter 250g 450g 700g
Honeycomb Spring, Fall, Winter 70g 130g 210g
Bamboo Shoot (たけのこ) Spring 50g 90g 140g
Bamboo Grass (ササ) Spring, Summer 100g 180g 280g
Plum Summer 50g 90g 140g
Apricot Summer 50g 90g 140g
Walnut Summer, Winter 50g 90g 140g
Chestnut Fall 70g 130g
Blueberry Fall 50g 90g
Shitake Spring, Fall 100g 180g 280g
Brown Mushroom Spring, Summer 100g 180g 280g
Poison Mushroom All Year 20g 50g 70g
Hokidake Mushroom (ホウキダケ) Summer, Fall 100g 180g 280g
Shimeji Summer, Fall 70g 130g 210g
Eringi Mushroom (エリンギ) Fall 100g 180g 280g
Weed All Year 1g 1g 1g
Branch All Year 5g 9g
Stone All Year 5g 9g
Ore Stone All Year 1g 1g 1g
Snowball Winter 1g 1g 1g
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