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In general, when you start the game, foraging for items is an immediate way of making some money without the need of using any tools whatsoever. Depending on the season, foraging as you hike up the mountain to visit the Harvest Goddess will yield items such as bamboo shoots, apples, oranges, mushrooms and flowers. Once you have an axe, you can also chop down trees for their soft and hard lumber. Just keep in mind that it takes about a season for a tree to grow from sprout to full.


When foraging for fruits and flowers, there's a generic avatar for fruit (see image below), and another for flowers, so you won't know what you're picking until you get it!

Image Name Selling Price Season
Apple 150G Spring & Summer
Orange 300G Spring & Summer
Peach 200G Fall & Winter
Bamboo 30G Spring & Summer
Mushroom 200G Fall & Winter
Pink Rose Spring & Summer
Tulip 100G Spring & Summer
Marguerite Spring & Summer


In general, from sapling to full tree, fruit trees take about 2 seasons to grow and will only bloom in their specific season. For example, if you plant an apple tree during Summer, it will become fully grown by Fall, but it will not yield any fruit until it's designated Spring season!

The tree must be planted in checkerboard pattern (with nothing around it), otherwise it won't grow properly.

Grapefruit Sprout, Leafy Tree Sprout, and Cone Tree Sprout are available at the beggining in Sam's Shop, but you need to be friend of Sam to make Peach Sprout, Apple Sprout and Orange Sprout available.

Image Tree Sprout Buying Price at Sam's Store Fruit Season Fruit/Lumber Selling Price Other Uses
Grapefruit Sprout 500G Spring 100G None
Peach Sprout 500G Summer 200G None
Apple Sprout 500G Fall 150G? Apple Jam
Orange Sprout 500G Fall 300G Marmelade
Leafy Tree Sprout 250G None 30G Hard lumber used in Construction
Cone Tree Sprout 250G None 30G Soft lumber used for fences and in construction
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