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"In an experiment, the mistakes are key. In the shadow of every success are 100 mistakes."

Ford (フォード, Fōdo) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. He is one of the eligible bachelors to court.

The doctor of Westown's clinic White Capsule. Very methodical, he's very strict on himself and on others. His skills as a doctor are sound and the town's inhabitants rely on him. Without being frugal with his effort, he studies new medicine everyday. Though he's usually found in the clinic, he goes to the Garden Grill with Wayne to eat at mealtimes.[2]


Spoiler warning: The following may contain important story spoilers.

Ford had a loveless family and his parents never cared for him, only telling him to study to be a doctor ever since he could remember. He never had a chance to learn and experience humanly love and bond from his parents, thus why he has problems with understanding and showing affection sometimes, and has generally awkward social skills.

Moreover, his parents were also a messy good for nothing bunch (stated by Hashimoto himself in his column inside the guidebook) and that has led Ford to be a very tidy person since he was young as he had no other choice but to clean after his parents. Also, Ford has slightly longer lines when he breaks up with you where he advices you to choose someone who doesn't gamble and drink as your next partner, leading to a fan theory that his parents might been one to gamble and drink.

As revealed in one of the Official Guidebooks, his parents separated when he was very young and at first, he was put under the custody of his mother. However, after experiencing certain situation that also had led him being a germophobic and tidy freak he is now, he went to live with his father later on. The player will learn later that Ford's mother's messiness had led to a fire accident during his childhood and ever since the day of accident, he will become restless when everything is not tidy and orderly.[3] After he became a doctor, Ford has never seen his father again, stating that his family never really talk much to each other to begin with, but they do still exchange letters in rare cases.[4]

He has decided to never get married (until you choose to pursue him) for some reason and will become intrigued to see that some people can actually be happy when they are married after seeing Brad's and Male MC's married life.[5] Curiously, out of all the regular candidates, Ford is the only one who says how "The three of you will build a loving family together", when you give birth to his child, while all other candidates will say the exactly same thing about how "The three of you will make many fun memories together".His wish for building a loving family might have been caused by how he came from a broken family himself and the game producer Hashimoto mentioned in an extra column inside the perfect guidebook how Ford would actually be a 'pretty normal' person if not for what he has experienced from his parents.[6]

End Spoilers: It's safe now!

Heart Events

White Heart Event

The Dense Doctor (鈍感なドクター, Donkanna Doctor) is Ford's white heart event.

Affection 5,001+ Visit Other Have met Ford, Wayne and Brad
Days Saturday, Sunday State Free
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 11:00 - 13:00
Location Garden Grill Pass 1 hour
I guess he's just not interested in romance I think it was a logical response for a doctor
-1,000 FP +2,000 FP

Purple Heart Event

A Thin Line Between Genius and Stupidity (紙一重の天才, Kamihitoe no Tensai) is Ford's purple heart event.

Affection 10,001+ Visit Other
Days Any State Free
Weather Clear Time 8:00 - 11:00
Location Garden Grill Pass 1 hour
You gave him medicine that's dangerous? Won't he relapse?
-1,000 FP +2,000 FP

Light Blue Heart Event

The Perfect Dish (パーフェクトな料理, Pāfekutona Ryouri) is Ford's light blue love event.

Affection 20,001+ Visit Other Not dating or married
Days Saturday, Sunday State Free
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 17:00 - 19:00
Location Ford's Clinic Pass 2 hours
Want me to make something for you? You'd better get going, then!
・+2,000 FP
+15 AP
・-1,000 FP

Dark Blue Heart Event

Love or Sickness? (愛か、病か, Ai ka, Yamai ka) is Ford's dark blue love event.

Affection 30,001+ Visit Other You have less than three stamina hearts
Not dating or married
Days Any State Free
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 10:00 - 16:00
Location Westown: North to South Pass 2 hours
Could you please hold my hand? I feel well enough to go home
+3,000 FP
+15 AP
Full stamina recovery
-1,000 FP
Full Stamina Recovery

Light Green Heart Event

The Master of Hopsitality (君に最高のもてなしを, Kimi ni Saikou no Motenashi o) is Ford's light green love event.

Affection 40,001+ Visit Other Not dating or married
Days Saturday, Sunday State Free
Weather Clear Time 10:00 - 15:00
Location From North Tsuyukusa to North Westown Pass 1 hour
You can just be yourself, you know It's actually kinda cute
+3,000 FP
+15 AP
+2,000 FP

Green Heart Confession Event

Taking the First Step (ふみ出す一歩, Fumidasu Ippo) is Ford's green confession heart event.

Affection 40,001+ Visit - Other Not dating or married

Talk with the Pendant in your hands

Days Any State Free
Weather Clear Time When talking
Location North Westown Pass 1 hour
+10,000 FP

Their True Feelings (とどけたい気持ち, Todoketai Kimochi) is Ford's reverse green confession heart event.

Affection 40,001+ Visit 60 Other Not dating or married

Not a festival day
Ford's not working
Talk with pendant in bag

Days Any State Free
Weather Clear Time When talking
Location Westown Date Area Pass 1 Hour
Of course I love you! I'm afraid I can't...
+10,000 FP -10,000 FP
-15 AP
Ford will spend the next day in bed

Yellow Heart Event

Why Do You Love Her? ((主人公の名前)のどこが好き?, (Shujinkou no Namae) no doko ga suki?) is Ford's yellow love event.

Affection 60,001+ Visit Other
Days Saturday, Sunday State Lovers
Weather Clear Time 15:00 - 18:00
Location From your farm to Crossroads Pass 2 hours
Your kindness That you're a weirdo Your looks
+2,000 FP +3,000 FP
+15 AP
-1,000 FP

Orange Heart Event

The Doctor's True Intentions (ダクターのいつわらざる本音, Doctor no itsu warazaru Hon oto) is Ford's orange love event.

Affection 70,001+ Visit Other
Days Monday - Friday (weekdays) State Lovers
Weather Sunny, Rainy, Snowy (Westown) Time 13:00 - 18:00
Location Westown, North (Clinic) Pass 1 hour
Say nothing and give him a hug Say how happy it makes you
+2,000 FP
+15 AP
+1,000 FP

The Doctor's True Intentions

Pink Heart Event

Wanting Someone to Hold (だれかに寄りそいたい気持ち, Dare ka yori) is Ford's pink love event.

Affection 80,001+ Visit Other Have recently talked to all Westown villagers and the three deities.
Days Monday - Friday State Lovers
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 17:00 - 20:00
Location Ford's Clinic Pass 1 hour
+2,000 FP

Red Heart Event

Now and Forever (幸せな恋の結末, Shiawasena Koi no Setsumatsu) is Ford's proposal event.

Affection 90,001+ Visit Other House upgraded to level 3

Talk with the Wedding Ring in your hands

Days Any State Lovers
Weather Clear Time When Talking
Location Westown Date Area Pass 1 hour
+10,000 FP

An Eternal Promise (永遠の約束, Eien no Yakusoku) is Ford's reverse proposal event.

Affection 90,001+ Visit Other House upgraded to level 3

Not a festival day
Ford's not working
Talk with Wedding Ring in bag

Days Any State Lovers
Weather Clear Time When talking
Location Westown Date Area Pass 1 hour
Yes! I would love to I don't think I'm ready yet...
+10,000 FP -10,000 FP
-15 AP
Ford will spend the next day in bed

Post-Marriage Event

The Only Doctor In Town (町でただ一人の医者, Machi de tada Hitori no Isha) is Ford's post-marriage event.

Affection 90,001+ Visit Other one month must have passed since marriage
Days Any State Married
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time When waking up
Location Farmhouse Pass Ends 7:00
+2,000 FP with Ford
+1,000 FP with Miranda


6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1-
Single Mon-Fri Breakfast (Home) North Westown White Capsule Lunch (Home) White Capsule Dinner (①) Garden Grill Home Sleeping
Sat, Sun Breakfast (Home) White Capsule Lunch (①) North Westown Home Dinner (①) White Capsule Sleeping
Typhoon, Blizzard Home Sleeping
Married Mon-Fri North Westown White Capsule Farmhouse Sleeping
Sat, Sun Farmhouse White Capsule North Westown Farmhouse Sleeping
Typhoon, Blizzard Farmhouse Sleeping

Home: White Capsule 2F         ①: Garden Grill


Gift Preferences
Special "Hm... This is Pistou Soup? You're so thoughtful! It's a great dish for providing almost all the necessary nutrients for the day. So... It's not an exaggeration to say that it's my favorite dish. I would like to thank you."
Pistou Soup
Loved "Hm... An excellent choice. You have a firm grasp of my preferences. Now, to use it as an experimental sample, or to save it for another use? That is the question."
Vegetables, Pot-au-Feu, Bagna Càuda, Coffee, Aojiru, Aloe, Mint, Camomile, Banana, Basil, Sage, Bananas, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Spinach, Bagna Càuda, Mixed Salad, Summer Veggie Salad, Pot-au-Feu, Vegetable Etuver, Coffee, Grass Drink, Aloe Vera, Basil, Bay Leaf, Bergamot, Chamomile, Elli Leaves, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme
Liked "Hm... This is ___? You're quite thoughtful. I could probably use this in my experiments."
Ginger, Flowering Fern, Mugwort, Giant Butterbur, crops (Turnip, Pumpkin, Onion, Burdock Root, Sweet Potato, etc.), eggs, milk, Aloe Yogurt, White Cotton Cloth, Carrot Soup, Gazpacho, Stew, Carrot Juice, Tomato Juice, Cappucino, Green Tea
Neutral All other items not listed
Disliked "What is this? You really didn't need to give this to me, so why would you?"
Kokonda, Plum Shiso Salad, Cheese Soup, Mushroom Soup, Tom Yun Goong, Baked Cheese, French Fries, Grilled Horned Turbans, Hasty Pudding, Pizza, Shrimp Chili, Spicy Stir-Fried Squid, Ahi Poke, Fried Catfish, Fried Shrimp, Kakiage, Korokke, Samosa, Spring Roll, Tempura, Rice Arancini, Buttered Rice, Doria, Milk Congee, Oshinko Roll, Risotto, Sea Urchin Bowl, Seafood Bibimbap, Seafood Rice Bowl, Shiso Onigiri, Tekka Maki, Uzume Rice, Anpan Sweet Roll, Beefaroni, Buttered Bread, Cinnamon Roll, Crackers, Naan, Peperoncino Pasta, Sea Urchin Pasta, Barfi, Bavarois, Castella, Corn Muffins, Dorayaki, Kluai Buat Chi, Macaron, Madeleine, Popcorn, Shaved Ice, Egg Nog, Herb Tea, Tiramisu Shake, Vanilla Shake, Sea Urchin, Best Fodder, Fodder, Spicy Fodder, Sweetish Fodder, Best Chicken Feed, Best Rabbit Feed, Chewy Treat, Chicken Feed, Crispy Treat, Fish Feed, Fluffy Treat, Pet Food, Rabbit Feed, Soft Treat, Spicy Chicken Feed, Spicy Rabbit Feed, Sweetish Chicken Feed, Sweetish Rabbit Feed, Velvety Treat, Dry Soil, Fish Trap, Pendant, Soft Soil, Solid Soil
Hated "What is this? You really don't understand me at all, huh. I can't bring myself to thank you for this. Good grief... if you're going to give me something like this, you shouldn't bother."
Chili Pepper, Wasabi, Sashimi, Wasabi Octopus, Fried Monkfish, Fried Tofu, Curd Rice, Almond Caramel, Apple Jelly, Chocolate Mousse, Daifuku, Decoration Cake, Malasada, Maple Candy, Millet Dumplings, Mitarashi Dumplings, Monaka, Sata Andagi, Boot, Empty Can, Fish Bone
"Youkan? I really can't tolerate this dish. Just so you know, the sweetness isn't from azuki bean, but from a large quantity of sugar that's added to it. How can anyone just enjoy a lump of sugar? Though the shape is lovely, this was still thoughtless. I suppose I'll have to send it to Wayne..."


  • If player has befriended him up to 2 hearts and above, Ford will heal the player's stamina back to full for free if they don't have enough money (1000 G) to use his healing service. This free heal can only be done once a day, though.
  • If a female player who dates or marries Ford collapsed due to having her stamina emptied, what Ford will say to the player when she wakes up will be different to what he will say to player who doesn't date or marry him, showing more concern to his lover/wife's well-being.
  • In the Miranda's Friend Event [Miranda's Band], there are two different set of animations available for Ford during the scene where the player persuades him to join the band and which scene will play is depending on player's relation status with him. If player is a male or girl but not dating/married to Ford, player avatar will make a crying animation in attempt to make unwilling Ford changing his mind and joining the orchestra. If the player is dating/married to him, Ford will be hesitant at first before slowly agreeing to his lover/wife's plea and player avatar will kiss him as thanks.
  • He is the second bachelor who is not wearing his glasses on his wedding day. The first being Allen, from A New Beginning.


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