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I tried twice to get the Snow note on Magical Melody for the Wii, I know I did the requirements correctly (stay outside for 10 straight hours in the snow) it will not give me the note and it only snowed twice in the winter on my game. Any help?

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You didn't enter your barn, chicken coop, mine or any houses did you? Those all violate the rules of the note.

I seriously have no idea how to reply to your comment so I hope you see this. No I did not enter any buildings, I have the rain, sun and cloudy note and they all have the same requirement and I had no trouble getting those. 

Also I am having trouble getting the art note, I raised Henry's hearts to level 6 and I recieved the aging pot from Saibara. Which is all that is said is required to get the note. 

In case anyone is still having this problem, here are some additional things to try:

-don't stand still, forage occasionally

-stay in the same area (no lakeside, dolphin island etc)

-If you were fishing, don't. Probably since it gets rid of the clock display it sometimes screws it up. Now I say sometimes because i had the same issue with the sun note and not fishing solved it even though I could swear I fished for the other weather notes.Applepieofdeath (talk) 16:17, September 13, 2016 (UTC)

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