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"If you need support with something, don't hesitate to come discuss it with me."

Frank (フランク Furanku) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

Though they met only a few times since the protagonist was a baby, after several years the male or female protagonist was reunited with his or her uncle Frank. As the protagonist's farming teacher, his guidance is very stern. With a cheerful temperament, he doesn't neglect to be considerate of everyone. As he loves nature, he doesn't stay in town all the time and instead frequently visits the hills and fields.[2]

Friendship Events

Frank's Romance? (フランクの恋人?, Furanku no Koibito?) is Frank's friendship event.

The protagonist overhears Frank talking in his house. It seems that Frank has a lover and the protagonist goes out to spread the word. Unfortunately, after about half the town has been told, Frank comes in and explains that he was writing a love song, not confessing his love to a woman.




  1. 何かあればサポートするつもりだから遠慮せずに相談しにいこいよ。
  2. 幼いころに数回会って以来、数年ぶりに再会する主人公の叔父さん。牧場主の師匠として厳しく指導してくれる。陽気な気質で誰でも気づかいを忘れない。自然を愛し、里だけではなく、野山も頻繁に訪れる。
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