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This article is about Gabriel, a character from Light of Hope. You may be looking for Gabriel, a character from Skytree Village.
Gabriel is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

A shy and quiet boy living with his mother, Sofia, and his little brother, Michael, in the mountain. He's very knowledgeable in taking care of animals, he can even talk to them (according to his brother).



"This is...amazing! Thank you. I'm very happy to have this!" - Loved

Gift Preferences
Special Fish Dishes
Loved Great fried egg, great butter, cheese, hardwood, softwood, stone, bronze ore, silver ore, seashells
Liked cabbages, mushroom, egg, milk, rainbow trout, barbatus, wool
Disliked bronze, glass
Hated Grapefruit

Note Events

Note Event 1

Mountains / Any Time / Any Weather

  • That was really cool. | +FP (Best Answer)
  • It was funny to watch.
  • I feel bad for the bobcat.

Note Event 2

Sofia's Livestock / 6 AM - 4 PM / Any Weather

  • I'm cheering you on. | +FP (Best Answer)
  • Your father would be proud.
  • You're like a big bear too.

Note Event 3

Sofia's Livestock / 6 AM - 4 PM / Any Weather

  • Your products are really nice. | +FP (Best Answer)
  • I bet the girls don't leave you alone.

Note Event 4

Location: Your farm / 6 AM / Sunny/Clear

Gabriel Shows up to your house inviting you to the peak of the mountain.

Note Event 5

Requests / Mail

Item Requested Reward
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