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What If? Phone Booth at Mayor's Residence

Doraemon gadget that appears in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. There is some gadget you can trade off with junk at Koropokkur's Junk Shop. Super tools considered as a gadget to help Noby farm life become easier.

Sprite Summoner, Time TV, Here-Come-Cat, and Realization Pen is a main story gadget you need to gather around Shizen Town then give it to Vera.

Gadget Info

Some gadget with Bold Text can be used directly by Noby as a gameplay feature but the others only for story plot.

Name Function How To Get
Dress-Up Camera


Instantly change person's attire depending what theme they choose. Used by Noby and friends.
  • Story only
What If? Phone Booth


Rewind event that already happen to Noby. Located at Mayor's Front Bedroom
  • Usable by Noby
Translation Gummy


Eaten by Harmon so he is able to speak and understand others language.
  • Story only
Anywhere Door


Instantly travel around Shizen Town.
  • Ryam, Pent, Doraemon 2❤︎
  • Key Item
  • Usable by Noby
Sprite Summoner


Give it to Vera

Used by Ryam to summon a faeries to do his own work like a "slave".

  • Harmon, Doraemon 4❤︎
  • Key Item only


Give it to Vera

Accidentally used by Eria without knowing what the use of it.

  • Sneech, Cafet, Eria 4❤︎
  • Key Item only
Realization Pen


Give it to Vera

Used by Serena to makes Dr. Regis fall in love with her.

  • Sue, Regis, Serena 4❤︎
  • Key Item only
Time TV


Give it to Vera

Used by Pent to communicate with a "girl ghost".

  • Big G, Pent 4❤︎
  • Key Item only
Super Glove


Used by Noby to helped a dog and sowing crop for 3x3 square.
  • Ryam 3❤︎
  • Key Item
  • Usable by Noby
Invention Inventor


Used by Smitty to invent a new kind of tool called Maker and super tools to help Noby with his farming life.
  • Smitty, Blake 4❤︎
  • Key Item
  • Usable by Smitty
Search Cane


Used by Noby to search for a villager he wanted to meet.
  • Shipped a lot of farm product
  • Usable by Noby
Whatever Weather Box


Used by Noby to change the weather tomorrow by using weather card you bought from Koropokkur.
  • Shipped roughly 700 items
  • Usable by Noby
Human Locomotive


Used by Noby so he can run fast as locomotive.
  • Produce Guidebook at 50%
  • Usable by Noby
Pass Loop


Used by Noby and friends to pass through cave wall to the hidden room.
  • Meet Vera for the first time.
  • Noby's friends 2❤︎
  • Key Item only
Gourmet Tablecloth


Used by Sneech to help him cooking delicious food for Cafet.
  • Sneech, Cafet 1❤︎
  • Story only


Used by Henson to see bug as a beautiful friendly creature not afraid against it.
  • Henson 4❤︎
  • Story only
Air Cannon


Used by Doraemon to repel wild bear when they gathering some apple.
  • Bear 5❤︎
  • Story only


Used by Noby and friends to get to top of Elder Tree. (Scene only)
  • Meet Scarlet for the first time.
  • Key Item
  • Story only
Time Dumb


Accidentally used by Noby for himself, later used By Big G and Sneech to playing around.
  • Doraemon 1❤︎
  • Story only
Mirreplicator Used by Ryam for Watermelon Festival to duplicate watermelon so you can smash it as much as you can.
  • Spring Day 1 on Zazan Beach
  • Story only
Invisible Cap


Used by Doraemon, Noby and Rem to sneak behind Sierra's flock in the Plash River.
  • Rem 7❤︎
  • Story only


A gadget. Allow its rider to leap huge distances, but treat it kindly. Giddyup! (50.000G profit when shipped.)
  • Land Fishing Rod
  • Key Item only
Spare Pocket Used by Noby to access all storage anywhere he go.
  • Finish the game then continue the farm life.
  • Key Item

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