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Gillion is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

He is the father of Million and husband of Masami. Early in the mornings, Gallion can be seen outside of the mayor's office. Most nights, he visits his wife at her bar. He attends his wife's poetry class on Sundays. In the evenings, he is usually found at home with his family.  

He expresses his frustration that Million hasn't settled down and gotten married yet. He urges Life to give Million a man's fashion item if he ever finds one.

By talking to Gallion after Marco releases gas from his failed super coolant experiment, you will find out that he plans on ordering more Earth Power Sand and herb seeds which can later be purchased from the Supermarket. These can be used to clear away the gas.

In Winter, Gallion will give the player 20 poinsettia seeds so that they can grow and ship enough flowers in time to decorate for the Christmas Party.

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