Ganon's Shop is a shop owned by Gannon in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

Carpenter's House

Ganon's Shop

Gannon is the carpenter on the Island. You can hire him to build and upgrade buildings and structures on your ranch and the island. You can also have him fix the bridges in all of the Island.

Carpenter Gannon will move to your island around Spring 11 of your first year and sets up his studio across from Chen's shop. His store will be open from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm, and closed on Sundays.[1]

You can also buy tools from Gannon and hire him to construct things for you. Once you hire him, he will start his work in the next morning.

Gannon will give you two options when it comes to paying for buildings. You can either have the necessary Lumber and Gold funds for the order or you can choose to have the lumber combined with the price. The final price, plus lumber, will equal out to be the same cost as if you bought the lumber individually from the tool inventory of his shop. You don't receive a discount for bringing your own material.[2]

Tool Inventory[3]

Gannon's Shop is also the only place where you can buy a duplicate any farming tools. Your starter tools will only have 1 slot for a Wonderful Stone. 

Item Price
Lumber 50g
Material Stone 200g
Golden Lumber 100,000g
Hoe 1,000 G to 10,000g
Sickle 1,000 G to 10,000g
Hammer 1,000 G to 10,000g
Axe 1,000 G to 10,000g
Watering Can 1,000 G to 10,000g

The price of the Farming Tools will be changed everyday. Every 1,000g means 1 slot. Each year, the max price available will increase by 1000g.[4]

Ranch Upgrades[5]

You can hire Gannon to do several upgrades to your ranch. 

House Upgrades

Item Option 1 Option 2
Size upgrade, Medium

200 Lumber and 3,000g

Size upgrade, Large 400 Lumber and 10,000g 25,000g
Size upgrade, Extra Large 700 Lumber and 50,000g 80.000g
Bath Room 580 Lumber and 30,000g 55,000g
Toilet 400 Lumber and 20,000g 35,000g

Chicken Coop

Item Option 1 Option 2
Original Construction 200 Lumber and 10,000g 20,000g
Size upgrade, Medium 400 Lumber and 5,000g 20,000g
Size upgrade, Large 1,200 Lumber and 20,000g 70,000g
Add Feeder Box 100 Lumber and 500g 5,000g
Add Incubator 200 Lumber and 500g 10,000g
Feed Dispenser size upgrade, Medium 1,000 Lumber and 5,000g 50,000g
Feed Dispenser size upgrade, Large 3,000 Lumber and 30,000g 170,000g

Supply Shed

Item Option 1 Option 2
Size upgrade, Large 500 Lumber and 5,000g 27,000g
Enable storage of Material Stone 500 Lumber and 10,000g 30,000g
Enable storage of Golden Lumber 500 Lumber and 100,000g 120,000g

Animal Barn

Item Option 1 Option 2
Original Construction 200 Lumber and 12,000g 22,000g
Size upgrade, Medium 500 Lumber and 7,000g 30,000g
Size upgrade, Large 2,000 Lumber and 30,000g 125,000g
Add Feeder Bin 100 Lumber and 5000g 5,000g
Birthing Pen 200 Lumber and 5000g 10,000g
Feed Dispenser size upgrade 1,500 Lumber 7,000g 80,000g
Shipping Bin 200 Lumber and 1,000g 10,000g


Item Option 1 Option 2
Feed Dispenser size upgrade, Medium 1,000 Lumber and 5,000g 50,000g
Feed Dispenser size upgrade, Large 3,000 Lumber and 30,00g 170,000g

Maker Shed

Item Option 1 Option 2
Original Construction 300 Lumber and 30,000g 40,000g
Size upgrade, Large 1,000 Lumber and 5,000g 50,000g
Shipping Bin 200 Lumber and 1,000g 10,000g


Item Option 1 Option 2
Original Construction 4,000 Lumber and 300,000g 500,000g
Size upgrade, Large 9,000 Lumber and 500,000g 950,000g
Shipping Bin 200 Lumber and 1,000g 10,000g
Water Well 400 Lumber and 500,000g 520,000g

Furniture Upgrades[6]

Your basic Wood-based furniture will only hold 3-pages worth of items (36 total). If you feel you need more room, you can hire Gannon to enlarge your storage boxes. Each upgrade will add another 36 slots to the furniture, with a maximum number of 144 item slots available.[7]

Size Upgrade, Medium (72 slots)- 100 Lumber and 2000 G, or:

  • Lumber: 6000 G
  • Material: 20,000 G
  • Gold: 1,002,000 G

Size Upgrade, Large (108 slots) - 200 Lumber and 10,000 G, or:

  • Lumber: 20,000 G
  • Material: 40,000 G
  • Gold: 20,010,000 G

Size Upgrade, Extra Large (144 slots) - 300 Lumber and 1,000,000 G, or:

  • Lumber: 1,010,000 G
  • Material: 1,060,000 G
  • Gold: 31,000,000 G

The better your construction material, the fresher the items will stay when inside it. With the Mythic Refrigerator, food wil never rot![8]

Each Mythic Ore upgrade costs the standard amount of material (100 for small to medium, etc.) plus 5,000,000 G if you are converting from one size to another. If you are simply resizing your existing Mythic Stone box you just need the material and the cost of labor is free.[9]In the Mythic Ore upgrade, Gannon will never have option 2. So you'll need to complete the necessary materials by yourself.

Roads and Bridges[10]

Gannon can build bridges and upgrade roads. The bridge will help you unlock some areas on the Island while the roads will cause some sub-villagers to visit the Island. There will be added 3% growth on your Island if you upgrade the roads.

Item Option 1 Option 2
Bridge from E. Town to Meadow 500 Lumbers and 10,000g 35,000g
Bridge from W. Town to Forest 500 Lumbers and 20,000g 45,000g
Bridge from E. Town to Jungle 500 Lumbers and 30,000g 55,000g
Upgrade Road from Ranch 10,000g None
Upgrade W. Town Main Road 10,000g None
Upgrade Road to Beach 10,000g None
Upgrade Road to Regis' 10,000g None
Upgrade Road Pierre's/Inn 10,000g None
Upgrade Road at Inn 10,000g None
Upgrade Road at Cafe/Diner 10,000g None
Upgrade Road to Meadow 10,000g None


Along with everything else Gannon does, he also manufactures the Maker Machine for the Maker Shed. The Makers will convert your standard farm produce into items that sell for more money. You need to hire Gannon to build the Maker Shed first, and then you need to get Adamantite from the Mine for Maker manufacturing material.[11]

  • 10 Adamantite and 20,000 G each - Butter Maker, Cheese Maker, Mayonnaise Maker, Yarn Maker, Yogurt Maker
  • 10 Adamantite and 50,000 G - Seed Maker
  • 20 Adamantite and 100,000 G each - Thrasher and Flour Mill
  • 100 Adamantite and 5,000,000 G - Rank Maker


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