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Gayak is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

He is a friend of Professor Hope's and meets Life shortly after his creation. Gayak lives on a small farm with his wife Marlene and will show Life Grain how to sow land, plant seeds and water crops. He shares Professor Hope's ideals about manual farming and prefers to run his small farm on his own without the help of auto farming.

Gayak is one of the few villagers who believes that Life Grain will be able to make a difference and unlock the secrets of the Easter Ruins. He provides quite a bit of help throughout the game and is always friendly and encouraging towards Life Grain. He will help to organize the Spring Crop Festival and will help to repair the broken bridge north of the Easter Ruins. In Summer of the first year, Gayak's dog will have puppies and will give you one of them to have as your own pet.

His granddaughter Marcia really loves her grandparent's farm and prefers to be with them rather than with her own parents. She spends the night at their house on Saturday nights.

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