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Jemma is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. She sells various seasonal crop, fertilizer, backpack, and bug net. Go to Crops page for more information.


(Jemma's mother and Mark's wife. Since Mark is crazy about finding Koropokkur, she has no choice but to manage the general store by herself.)

General Store/Harvest Sprite event

Chapter 1 "Who's This?"

  • Mark 2❤︎
  • Buy some item from General Store

Chapter 2 "Working Gennie"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 3❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 3PM

Chapter 3 "The Search"

  • Go to East Natura at 12PM~4PM

Chapter 4 "Jemma's Heart"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 4❤︎
  • Go to Gennie's House at 11PM

Chapter 5 "Mark's Heart"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 5❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 11AM

Chapter 6 "Gennie's Heart"

  • Go to General Store at 3PM

Chapter 7 "Kid Meeting"

  • Go to Harappa Square at 7AM

Chapter 8 "Store Help"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 6❤︎
  • The day after you finish Big Tree event Chapter 11

Chapter 9 "Passing It On"

  • Mark, Jemma 9❤︎ | Gennie 7❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 7AM

Chapter 10 "First Step"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 10❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 7AM


Opening hours at 3PM~8PM

  • Open  : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Closed : Thursday
Name Seed Bag & Others
Spring Crop Seed 158856192556215885619376131588561947764158885549285815888555321441588855543594158885555322815888555748971588855586764
Summer Crop Seed 1588861624888158886166662515888617076101588861636006158886164622315888616561071588861679175158886168915915888616980101588861715010158886172572815888617358621588861748196
Autumn Crop Seed 15882474385191588247452820158824749775715882474246521588247462304158824747523815882475091411588247487639
Winter Crop Seed 1588338521181158833852943115883385384141588338552665
Other Items 15882475199581588247530725158824754239315882475532431587958046567

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