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This article is about Gilbert, a character from Seeds of Memories. You may be looking for Gilbert, a character from The Lost Valley.
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Gilbert is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Your friendship with Gilbert will unlock the path to the Harvest God.

Gilbert is a dreamy sort of fellow. He has been traveling from place to place with his grandpa, who has entrusted him with something very precious. He loves the outdoors and lives in a tent outside town near Brutus' house. He sings at Luke's bar during his free time.


Monday - 6AM - In Front of Tent


Gift Preferences
Loved Fish (All), Celery, Bamboo, White Dahlia, Mushrooms
Liked Lumber, Stone, Ores, Milk, Flowers, Peach, Apple, Orange, Tomato, Egg, Fried Egg, Boiled Egg
Disliked Spicy Foods


The Fishing Bard

Automatically triggered the first time you meet Gilbert. He will gift you a fishing pole and 3 Good Bait.

Gilbert's Performance

Meet Gilbert at Luke's Bar at night after reaching one music note with him; you will be gifted ten good bait.

Gilbert's Seed

Talk to Gilbert outside his tent between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM after reaching 1.5 music notes with him; you will be gifted five Excellent Feed and, more importantly, he will entrust you with the Seed of the Skytree.

Gilbert is glad to have found a fishing chum around here, stating he never makes friends on the road and thus he continuously moves on without anyone remembering him or his music. To that you may respond

  • Why worry about that?
  • I'm sure some remember you.
  • I'll remember you!

Note: Once you have the seed, talk to Sam and he will offer you some magic fertilizer for free! After you have that, go to the mountain and as you approach the location an event will automatically be triggered.

Gilbert's Memory
Talk to Gilbert in the town plaza at any time, any day after growing the Skytree and talking to the Harvest God. You will be gifted five arowana.

Gilbert is glad to see you and even more glad he decided to entrust you with the skytree seed. He mentions that he's a born wanderer and never stays anywhere for long, but he struggles to think about leaving town now that he is friends with you. He finally exclaims he's decided to stay and uncover Memories of his youth.

Memory of the Traveler

Talk to Gilbert in the Southwestern corner of your farm on Thursday between the hours of 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM after reaching three music notes with him. You will be gifted one Onyx.

Gilbert will apologize for appearing on your property so suddenly and talk about his memories of fishing here as a child with his grandfather. He will then ask why you chose to live in this particular home, which you can respond to.

  • That's my secret.
  • To restore memories.
  • Nothing in particular.

Gilbert's Birthday

Talk to Gilbert at any time in any place on his birthday, you will be gifted five brown carrot seeds.


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