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"A flamboyant farmer fixated on flowers, Giorgio strives for beauty in all things. His fields (or maybe his foppish good looks) have landed him on the cover of farming magazines more than once. He puts a great deal of care into what he grows, and expects the same of anyone who lives the farming life."
―Official Website Description[1]

Giorgio(ジョルジュ Joruju, lit. Georges) is a character in Story of Seasons.

He is a rival rancher who fills his ranch with flowers. He's always on the cover of "Monthly Rancher" and has many fans in other countries.


Gift Preferences
Special Penne all'Arrabbiata
Loved Regular Items: Yellow Cloth + (and all its variations), Blue Cloth + (and all its variations), Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, Peridot, Pink Diamond,
Liked Tools: all golden tools, all orichalcum tools

Regular Items: all golden crops (except for Golden Turnip and Golden Potato), Sunflower, Blue Rose, Cherry, Mango, Apple, Lemon, Golden Egg, Golden Silkie Egg, Golden Araucana Egg, Strawberry Jam, Cherry Jam, Mango Jam, Yellow Cloth (and all its variations except for Yellow Cotton Cloth and Yellow Linen Cloth), Blue Cloth (and all its variations except for Blue Cotton Cloth and Blue Linen Cloth), Glittering Stone, Gold, Crystal, Jade, Moonstone, Agate, Sandrose, Fluorite, Adamantite, Orichalcum, Mithril, Platinum, all pearls, Blue Downy Tuft, Coral
Accessories: Canary Yellow Ring, Canary Yellow Tri. Ring, Canary Yw. Clip-Ons, Canary Yw. Earrings, Canary Yw. Necklace, Canary Yw. Choker
Critters: all fireflies, all butterflies
Cooked Dishes: Tomato Salad, Herb Salad, Classy Carpaccio, Summer Veggie Salad, Carrot Soup, Minestrone, Fried Egg, Gratin, Stuffed Tomatoes, Omelet Rice, Seafood Omelet Rice, Napolitan, Spaghetti, Corn Pasta, Cannelloni, Sweet Potato Pasta, Green Pasta, Cream Pasta, Cheese Pasta, Carbonara, Lasagna, Herb Pasta, Spaghetti A&O, Genovese Pasta, Macaroni and Beef, Mushroom Spaghetti, Pescatora, Cod Roe Pasta, Octopus Pasta, Sea Urchin Pasta, Pudding a la Mode

Neutral All items not listed
Disliked Tools: all old tools, all regular tools

Regular Items: Turnip Seeds, Golden Turnip Seeds, Potato Seeds, Golden Potato Seeds, Burdock Seeds, Golden Burdock Seeds, Poison Mush. Seeds, Turnip, Golden Turnip, Potato, Golden Potato, Burdock Root, Lotus Root, Almond, Cacao, all seasonal tea leaves, Poison Mushroom, Silkie Chicken Egg, Black Yarn (and all its variations), Black Yarn + (and all its variations), Black Cotton Thread, Black Linen Thread, Black Cloth (and all its variations), Black Cloth + (and all its variations), all dried crops (not dried golden crops), Dried Gld. Turnip, Dried Rice Stalk, Dried Wheat, Dried Soybean, Dried Lotus Root, Dried Wasabi, Dried Sugar Cane, Dried Chili Pepper, Dried Tea Leaves, Dried Grass, Dried Shiitake, Dried Shimeji, Dried Trumpet Mush., Dried Coral Mush., Dried Common Mush., Seaweed, Rose Seduction, Clearlake, Spring Crush, Summer Memories, Lovely Days, Blazing Waltz, Modest Moon, Winter's Song, Nature's Beauty, Yearning for the Sun, Lots of Love, Earth's Blessings, Black Branch, Pebble, Rock, Black Rock, Black Lumber, Black Stone, Iron, Old Clay Doll, Ancient Fish Fossil, Dried Soil, Soft Soil, Solid Soil, Bottle
Potteries: Light Br. Ceramic Cup, Green Ceramic Cup, Coppery Ceramic Cup, Black Ceramic Cup, White Ceramic Cup, Light Br. Ceramic Bowl, Green Ceramic Bowl, Coppery Ceramic Bowl, Black Ceramic Bowl, White Ceramic Bowl, Light Br. Ceramic Plate, Green Ceramic Plate, Coppery Ceramic Plate, Black Ceramic Plate, White Ceramic Plate, Light Br. Ceramic Pot, Green Ceramic Pot, Coppery Ceramic Pot, Black Ceramic Pot, White Ceramic Pot, Ceramic Doll, Big Ceramic Pot, all unglazed ceramics
Fish: Marsh Shrimp, Basket Clam, Anglerfish, Eel, Softshell Turtle, Catfish
Critters: all cicadas (except for Emperor Cicada, Evening Cicada, and Bear Cicada), White-Tailed Skimmer, Demonic Dragonfly, Lesser Emperor, Emperor Dragonfly, Toad, Dark-Spotted Frog, Goliath Frog, all locusts and grasshoppers (except for Migratory Locust, Rice Grasshopper, Brown Cricket, and Red-Suited Cricket)
Cooked Dishes: Mashed Potatoes, Onion Salad, Spinach Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Radish Salad, Burdock Root Salad, Rice Salad, Coleslaw, Milk Soup, Miso Soup, Lotus Root Soup, Burdock Root Soup, Soy Milk, Clear Soup, Potato Pancakes, Roasted Corn, Baked Sweet Potato, Grilled Fish, Sauteed Lotus Root, Tofu Hamburger, Pot Sticker, Simmered Potato, Boiled Corn, Simmered Eggplant, Boiled Radish, Shredded Radish, Oden, Boiled Lotus Root, Croquette, Pumpkin Croquette, Fried Anglerfish, Fried Lotus Root, Fried Isobe, Deep-Fried Catfish, Milk Stew, Keiji Salmon Stew, Turtle Stew, Puffer Stew, Sweet Potato Rice, Rice Milk, Squid Rice, Oshinko Roll, Cucumber Roll, Fish Ice Cream, Grass Drink

Hated Regular Items: Dried Poison Mush., Fish Feed, Scrap Ore, Shiny Coin, Weeds, Empty Can, Fish Bone, Boot, Manure

Cooked Dishes: Turnip Salad, Turnip Soup, Buttered Turnip

Horror Turnip Stew


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