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Friendship Lines

  • 7: Hey, [Player]. How long has it been since you moved here...? You didn't make much of an impression on me at first, but you've become ever more a part of my daily life.You've had quite an influence on me, actually. Brilliantly so.








Moo-Moo Festival

  • If he won: _____!

Did you come to congratulate me? Thanks. With this, I'll be shirtless on the cover of next month's “Farmer's Monthly” for sure.

  • My cows always have beautiful flowers to grave upon, so they give the most delicious milk. A clean, lovely environment is important for animals. And love, indeed, we out to love them like family.


Fishing Tournament

  • If you won: Player, congratulations on your beautiful victory! I knew you could do it. Your form, your was exquisite.
  • If you lost: It's a terrible shame you didn't win today. No, I don't fish myself so I can't say for certain... But I think the water much have been cloudy. If they fish could have seen you clearly, why, they'd jump straight out of the water for you.
  • I often see Gunther out fishing in the river, but I can't recall ever seeing him catch anything.
  • Sometimes, when I watch others fish, I feel a little jealous of them. They look as if they've become one with nature.


Fashion Fiesta

  • "Fashion" is a man-made term, and often it pays too much heed to what others think, and too little to what oneself thinks. Clothing is, first and foremost, for oneself. Wear what want, and wear it without a care for others' tastes. At least, that's my opinion. So while fashion shows are an important business event, I think they should also be celebrations of all our individual styles.
  • My fiancee is a fashion model, so I go to fashion shows all the time. But the fashion show here has a quaint and unique flavor, which is what makes it so much fun. The models did an excellent job, as well.
  • If he won: I'm glad I won today but in the end it was just a day when a judge's taste happened to match mine. I only wear cloths I personally like and others may be of a different opinion. I do have self continence on my taste, however.



  • If you are dating someone:You know,<Playername>, if you're seeing someone, I'd like to meet them. ...And when are you two getting married?
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