Introductory Line: "Ah, and who would you be? ___,hmm? Hmm, what's my name? I'm Gombe. Nice to meet you!"

"Good morning, ___. Do you have time to keep an old man company?"

"Good morning, ___. Heard anything amusing, hmm? If you do, tell an old man!"

"Good morning. You look busy, hmm? But you can spare some time to tell an old man a joke, can't you?"

"It's already midday, ____. Are you making the most of the day? Having lots of fun?"

"There's nothing fun to do at night. Ah, how boring! I can't wait for morning!"


"___! Let's play tag or have a race!"

"Ahem! What fun are we going to have next, hmmm?"

"Are you here to play with this old man? No, too busy? Young people, so selfish!"

"Ah, how late it's gotten! No more fun for today!"

"Ah, you have a question about crops, hmm? I wouldn't know about that."

When shown the blue feather: "Hmm, that's an interesting item you have there. I've seen one like it somewhere. Ahhhhh! A blue feather!! And who is it for? Will you tell an old man? No? Aww. No one ever tells me any good gossip."

You live in Bluebell: "Tell me about Bluebell! What's popular over there now, hmm?"

While working:

  • "Ah, if you need anything from my shop, talk to me across the counter, hmm?"
  • "Hmm, still not closing time yet? I want to go have fun!"

At Town Hall:"

  • "The other day, when I was playing hide and seek with Rahi here, Ina got mad, hmm? Ah, she shouldn't let herself get that mad! She'll get more wrinkles!"
  • "This house is perfect for playing in! But it makes Ina mad..."

At Yun's:

  • "Yun's cooking is tasty! Even on par with Nori's, hmm?"
  • "Hee-hee. I'm thinking about pulling a prank on Yun! Maybe putting a snake..."
  • "I look after the shop on Yun's days off. I can't cook, though."

During a typhoon: "A storm, a storm! Hee-hee, oh goody!! I want to go outside in it!"

After a typhoon: "Wasn't that some fun weather yesterday, hmmm? Storms are so exciting!"

Snowstorm: "A blizzard!! Hee-hee!! It'll be fun tomorrow!! I love making tracks in fresh fallen snow."

Flower Quotes

One flower: "Know any good jokes, hmmm? No? What a shame. You'd better learn some!"

Six flowers: "When people work like dogs, they soon get tired. It's best ot work at a more leisurely pace, oh yes. That's what my own grandpa taught me, hmm?"

Seven flowers: "Ahh, _____. I'm glad you're here. Seeing you always makes this old man happy."


Liked: "Ahh, ___. You know what I like. Hee-hee. This old man's happy."

Disliked: "What's an old an to do with such a thing? I'll give it to Yun, hmm."

Multiple Gifts: "Please. I've already got all the gifts I can carry today."

Birthday Gift: 

  • Liked Gift: "Ahhh, this is for me? A birthday present? How did you know, hmm? It's just what I like. You made an old man happy!"


Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana and win:
    • "___, you have to make that dish for this old man sometime, hmmm?"
    • "Congratulations, ___! You made this old man happy."
  • You live in Konohana and lost: "The Cooking Festival... We lost..."

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "Ahh, what can you do? That was a tough one for you."

Before a Festival: 

"A festival, a festival! Ah, I love them! Such fun!"

Festival Ends: 

  • "Ah, that was nifty! Can't wait for next year's fun."
  • "Ah, wasn't that an exciting festival? Even for a youth like you."
  • "Ah, this old man wishes we had festivals every day, hmm?"
  • "Today's festival was fun, yes, but it'd be more fun to play tag!"
  • Aww, I wanted us all to have a race... how disappointing."
  • "I wish mayor Ina would make a festival where we can all play together. But no, hmm?"
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