• Introductory Line: "Ah, and who would you be? ___,hmm? Hmm, what's my name? I'm Gombe. Nice to meet you!"
  • "Good morning, ___. Do you have time to keep an old man company?"
  • "Good morning, ___. Heard anything amusing, hmm? If you do, tell an old man!"
  • "Good morning. You look busy, hmm? But you can spare some time to tell an old man a joke, can't you?"
  • "It's already midday, ____. Are you making the most of the day? Having lots of fun?"
  • "There's nothing fun to do at night. Ah, how boring! I can't wait for morning!"


  • "___! Let's play tag or have a race!"
  • "Ahem! What fun are we going to have next, hmmm?"
  • "Are you here to play with this old man? No, too busy? Young people, so selfish!"
  • "Ah, how late it's gotten! No more fun for today!"
  • "Ah, you have a question about crops, hmm? I wouldn't know about that."
  • When shown the blue feather: "Hmm, that's an interesting item you have there. I've seen one like it somewhere. Ahhhhh! A blue feather!! And who is it for? Will you tell an old man? No? Aww. No one ever tells me any good gossip."
  • You live in Bluebell: "Tell me about Bluebell! What's popular over there now, hmm?"
  • During a typhoon: "A storm, a storm! Hee-hee, oh goody!! I want to go outside in it!"
  • After a typhoon: "Wasn't that some fun weather yesterday, hmmm? Storms are so exciting!"
  • Snowstorm: "A blizzard!! Hee-hee!! It'll be fun tomorrow!! I love making tracks in fresh fallen snow."

While working:

  • "Ah, if you need anything from my shop, talk to me across the counter, hmm?"
  • "Hmm, still not closing time yet? I want to go have fun!"

At Town Hall:"

  • "The other day, when I was playing hide and seek with Rahi here, Ina got mad, hmm? Ah, she shouldn't let herself get that mad! She'll get more wrinkles!"
  • "This house is perfect for playing in! But it makes Ina mad..."

At Yun's:

  • "Yun's cooking is tasty! Even on par with Nori's, hmm?"
  • "Hee-hee. I'm thinking about pulling a prank on Yun! Maybe putting a snake..."
  • "I look after the shop on Yun's days off. I can't cook, though."

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "Know any good jokes, hmmm? No? What a shame. You'd better learn some!"
  • Six flowers: "When people work like dogs, they soon get tired. It's best ot work at a more leisurely pace, oh yes. That's what my own grandpa taught me, hmm?"
  • Seven flowers: "Ahh, _____. I'm glad you're here. Seeing you always makes this old man happy."


  • Liked: "Ahh, ___. You know what I like. Hee-hee. This old man's happy."
  • Disliked: "What's an old an to do with such a thing? I'll give it to Yun, hmm."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Please. I've already got all the gifts I can carry today."

Birthday Gift: 

  • Liked Gift: "Ahhh, this is for me? A birthday present? How did you know, hmm? It's just what I like. You made an old man happy!"


Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana and win:
    • "___, you have to make that dish for this old man sometime, hmmm?"
    • "Congratulations, ___! You made this old man happy."
  • You live in Konohana and lost: "The Cooking Festival... We lost..."

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "Ahh, what can you do? That was a tough one for you."

Before a Festival: 

"A festival, a festival! Ah, I love them! Such fun!"

Festival Ends: 

  • "Ah, that was nifty! Can't wait for next year's fun."
  • "Ah, wasn't that an exciting festival? Even for a youth like you."
  • "Ah, this old man wishes we had festivals every day, hmm?"
  • "Today's festival was fun, yes, but it'd be more fun to play tag!"
  • Aww, I wanted us all to have a race... how disappointing."
  • "I wish mayor Ina would make a festival where we can all play together. But no, hmm?"
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