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This article is about Gorgan, a character, from Light of Hope. You may be looking for Gorgan in his other appearances in the series.
"Unbelievable! What is a surface dweller doing here?! Return to your realm!"

Gorgan is a character in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

He became a possible eligible bachelor in the Divine Marriageable Characters Pack DLC for $3.99 from the EShop, or upon updating Light of Hope: Special Edition.

The Underworld King is under the surface a grumpy, grouchy, difficult person to deal with – because he lives under the surface, of course! Fiercely territorial and suspicious of surface dwellers, Gorgan isn't exactly great with first impressions. But with a secret love for flowers and fish, maybe Gorgan isn't as grumpy as he appears at first sight.


"You would give it to me?! Hmph. A fine gift from a puny human! BWAH-HA-HA-HA! I commend you!" - Loves

"A gift for me, you say? Very well. I shall accept." - Likes

- Hates

Gift Preferences
Special ???
Loved Seashells, Crystals
Liked Eggs
Disliked ???
Hated Juice

Note Events

Note Event 1

Underworld / Any Time / Any Weather

Enter the Underworld to find Gorgan in pain, though he doesn't want to admit it. You will be able to guess what is hurting him, which will make him mad and cause him to throw you out. Later, at your house, you present the problem to Flint and Rowan. After some discussion, they will decide that it is best to ask the Harvest God and Goddess what to do about Gorgan's predicament.

  • Did you catch a cold?
  • Do you have a stomach ache? | +FP (Best Answer)
  • Don't tell me you're love sick.

Note Event 2

Harvest Goddess Spring / Any Time / Any Weather

A continuation of Note Event 1, the Harvest Goddess, along with Rowan, Flint, and Edmond, will depart with you to the Underworld with the intent of curing Gorgan. Your role in all this is to convince him to be cured. Once there, you'll have the opportunity to say something to Gorgan, who will begrudgingly agree to be cured.

  • We came because we were worried. | +FP (Best)
  • You should get it cured now, or else you'll be in pain forever. | +FP
  • Fine, whatever. Do what you want

Note Event 3

Mountain / Any Time / Any Weather

Visit the Mountains to find Flint trying to gather flowers for Gorgan. His cover is quickly blown when you and Nova arrive on the scene. Curious, Nova insists that the three of you go to Gorgan to demand answers. Once in Gorgan's Lair, Gorgan becomes a bit flustered. He eventually asks for your favorite flower "out of curiosity", and you have the chance to give him a response.

  • Hmm, roses are my favorite. | +FP
  • Hmm, cherry blossoms are my favorite. | +FP
  • Anything if it's a gift for me.

Note Event 4

Note Event 5


NO. Name Requested Items Reward
1 Wish 1 Great White Rose x4, Great Blue Rose x4 Watermelon Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1, Blissful Bread Recipe
2 Wish 2 Great Pink Rose x4, Great Red Rose x4 Durum Wheat Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
3 Wish 3 White Tulip x4, Yellow Tulip x4 Baby Asparagus Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
4 Wish 4 Sunny Red x4, Pink Carnation x4 Magic Pepper Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
5 Wish 5 Great Voila x4 Cranberry Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
6 Spring Wish 1 Pink Rose x4 Dahlia Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
7 Spring Wish 2 Great Yellow Tulip x4, Great White Tulip x4 White Tulip Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
8 Summer Wish 1 Red Rose x4 Righteye Flounder x3, Blessed Flour x1
9 Summer Wish 2 Great White Dahlia x4, Great Yellow Dahlia x4 Rainbow Trout x5, Blessed Flour x1
10 Fall Wish 1 White Rose x4 Sunny Red Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
11 Fall Wish 2 Great Sunny Red x4, Great Pink Carnation x4 Pink Carnation Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
12 Winter Wish 1 Blue Rose x4 Dragon Pepper Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
13 Winter Wish 2 Great Yellow Pansy x4, Great Purple Pansy x4 Mellow Yellow Seeds x10, Blessed Flour x1
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