Heart Lines

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  • 1st line:
  • 0 heart line: "Hee-hee-hee! Are you eating well?"
  • 1 heart line: "If you take a pig near a tree, they'll find rare mushrooms for you!" 
  • 2 heart line: "If you leave the mushroom that the pigs find they'll be eaten up. Please gather them up swiftly!"
  • 3 heart line: "Taking your chances and eating dangerous food isn't good!"
  • 4 heart line: "In order to get recipes you should buy all kinds of tools!"
  • 5 heart line:
  • 6 heart line:
  • 7 heart line:
  • 8 heart line:
  • 9-10 heart line:

Other Lines

  • At the Egg Festival: "Hi! Are you eating?" 
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