This article is about Grant, a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Grant, a character from Harvest Moon DS.

Grant (グラート Gurãto, lit. Grato) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful LifeHarvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

He moves to Forget-Me-Not Valley in Chapter Two so he can have a quicker commute in the mornings, and lives with his wife Samantha and their daughter Kate. He and his family move into the empty home beside Chris and Wally's house.

Grant is a businessman, and will leave his house early at 5AM each morning. He doesn't return until late at night. He's constantly stressed because of his busy work schedule, and is very uptight, although kind and sociable. He will often go to the Blue Bar after work. 

If befriended, he will give the player an alarm clock. The alarm clock can be used so that the player doesn't sleep in (as 8 hours of sleep is always necessary - regardless of what time you went to bed). It will sit on the night stand and can be turned on or off.   


Gift Preferences
Liked Milk, Goat Milk, Eggs, Golden Eggs, Sashimi
Disliked Failed Dishes, Flowers



If you come out of your house sometime between 6 and 9 in the Spring of Year Two you may hear a very excited man. You will come out of your farm onto the main road and find Grant, who apparently got a promotion. After a brief exchange of words he will continue happily to go home and you will appear on your doorstep again. He may appear again later on, offering you an alarm clock for your house, saying that now he no longer needs it.

Milk Drinking Contest

Grant is the only resident of the valley (besides Rock and Hugh) who participates in this Mini-Game located in the Inner Inn, he is the slowest drinker and can easily be beaten

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