• First introduction: "I don't think I've seen you before. Oh, you're at the farm, are you? Welcome to the boonies. The name's Gray."
  • "I hate it around here. There's nothing to do. Don't you think so too?"
  • "I just get so bored in this town. I want to go back to the city!"


  • Loved Gift: "Thanks a lot! Anytime you want to give me something, I'm ready to receive!"
  • Liked Gift: "Thanks! I like having classy friends like you."
  • Neutral Gift: "Thanks."
  • Disliked Gift: "I'll take this off your hands, but you don't need to give it to me again, OK?"
  • Hated Gift: "What a jerk! Don't give that to me!"
  • Birthday Gift: "Wow! What a surprise! What's (sic) a classy girl like yo (sic) doing in a place like this?"

Heart Lines

  • Black Heart Line (inside Blacksmith's): "Ah... Can I help you? [Player], you work so hard all by yourself."
  • Black Heart Line (in town): "Ah... Can I help you? Work is very demanding."
  • Purple Heart Line (inside Saibara's Blacksmith): "Hello, [player]. How is your farm? You inspire me to work harder."
  • Purple Heart Line (in town): "How is the farm? I'm doing okay. Not too bad, no too good."
  • Blue Heart Line (inside Blacksmith's):' "Hello. What's up? I want to become much better and make lots of things."
  • Blue Heart Line (in town): "Hey, how are your tools? Let my grandpa know right away when they break. Come to the shop. I'm still an apprentice, but come to see me."
  • Green Heart Line (inside Blacksmith's): "Hey, [player]. Farming must be hard. Grandpa and I are very impressed by you."
  • Green Heart Line (in town): "[Player], you live all by yourself, right? Are you scared at night? You're tough. You're different than the girls in this town."
  • Yellow Heart Line (inside Blacksmith's): "Hello, [player]. How is the farm? [Player], you're amazing to run a farm all by yourself. I'm really impressed."
  • Yellow Heart Line (in town): "Hey, [player]. How is your farm? Let me know if I can help you with something. I'm starting to enjoy learning from Grandpa... It's still hard, though."
  • Orange Heart Line (inside Saibara's Blacksmith): "Hello, [player]. How are you? Farming must be very demanding. Are you okay all by yourself?"
  • Orange Heart Line (in town): "You inspire me, [player]. Farming is very different than what I do, though."
  • Red Heart Line (inside Blacksmith's): "Hello, [player]. How are you? I'm working hard. I want you to buy an item I make someday."
  • Red Heart Line (in town): "You're pretty amazing. You work so hard all by yourself. Yep, you are something something (sic) else."

Marriage Lines

  • Before the wedding: "Hey, ____. Our wedding is almost there... I still can't believe it. I wasn't planning on getting married until I became more stable. But I'm excited!"
  • At your house (morning): "Morning, ____. How are you this morning? Did you sleep well? I didn't even dream of living on the farm with you."
  • At Rose Square: "Oh... What are you doing here? Running errands? Don't be too late."
  • At Saibara's: "Hey. How is ____? I'm so happy I married you. I'll work hard for you."
  • At home (evening): "Hey, ____. Still Working? Be careful at night. As long as you stay on the farm, I'm not worried, but still... I used to worry about you before we got married."
  • Saying goodnight: "Good night. I love you, [player]. I learn a lot from this farm. You are one capable woman, [player]."
  • After pregnancy announcement: "You're carrying our baby. We have to try to become good parents. I can't wait!"
  • At your house (after baby's born): "[Child] cries all day long. What can we do? It's hard to raise a baby. It's more than I imagined. Totally."
  • At Saibara's (after baby's born): "[Player]. What's up? How is [Child] doing? My work is dangerous, so she's not allowed here."
  • At your house (after baby starts crawling): "You're so good at putting [Child] to bed. I don't know what to do. I don't know why she's crying most of the time."


  • Fireworks Festival: "Grandpa makes the shell of the fireworks. He tells me to pay close attention, even though I can't see them from here."
  • Sheep Festival (before): "Just looking at these sheep makes me want to put on a Wool sweater!"
  • Sheep Festival (after): "Yaaawn!...I'll sure sleep well tonight!"
  • Fall Horse Race: "I begged by Grandpa to let me come today! Now who should I bet on..."
  • Moon Festival: "Tonight is the Moon Viewing Festival. Do you want to join me?"
    • Select: Go to bed.
      • "Never mind. It's too late anyway."
      • Black Screen: Let's go to bed early...
    • Select: Stay up.
      • "Okay, let's enjoy it."
      • "It's awesome."
      • "The full moon is the best because we can see the true form of the moon."
      • "It's nice to take a break and enjoy the moon."
      • Black Screen: Stayed up too late... Not good for my skin...
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