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This article is about Gray, a character from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. You may be looking for Gray from his other appearances throughout the series.
"I'm so-so. I feel neither good or bad."

Gray (グレイ, Gurei) is a character in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

Gray is a rather angry young man who's come from the city to live in Mineral Town. He works as an apprentice blacksmith under his grandfather, Saibara. He may seem rude, but it stems from his frustration of working under Saibara, who has high expectations of Gray. He is often misunderstood, but he actually has a very sweet side if you get to know him.

When Gray is not at the Blacksmith's, he can be found at his room at Doug's Inn. Gray will never return to the city, and will continue to work hard to gain his grandfather's approval.

Gray's love value can be increased indirectly by ordering things from Saibara.

  • 15 orders = Gray +2500 FP
  • 25 orders = Gray +2500 FP
  • 35 orders = Gray +2500 FP
  • 45 orders = Gray +2500 FP
  • 55 orders = Gray +2500 FP


Gift Preferences
Special "That smells good, I love these. Thanks."
Baked corn
Loved "Oh, thanks! Gotta say, it's nice to have friends who have your back."
Ice-cream, Aquamarine, Adamantite, Apple pie, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Earring, Emerald, Okonomiyaki, Omelette rice, Orichalcum, Garnet, Bodijizer XL, Turbojolt XL, Carbonara, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Gold, Silver, Yarn X, Lotion, Sapphire, Sandrose, Sweet potato, Turquoise, Diamonds, Cheese cake, Cheese souffle, Fried Rice, Chocolate, Copper, Topaz, Dress, Nasi goreng, Necklace, Baumkuchen, Jade, Bibimbap, Sun Block, Pink Diamond, Face Mask, French Fries, Pudding, Bracelet, Brooch, Peridot, Fluorite, Pancake, Mythril, Moonstone, Agate, bake sweet potato, Ruby
Liked "Lucky me! Y'know, if you ever wanted to give me one of these again sometime... Heh."
Ajillo, Apricot Tofu, Good quality Egg, Branch/Twig, X Egg, Egg benedict, Large Fish, Rice cake, Pretty Good Quality Egg, Curry Udon, Quiche, Golden egg, Ketchup, Wine, Perfume, Stew, Potato, Material Stone, Zenzai, Sweet Red Bean Soup, Daifuku, Fried egg, Cheese [Any size], Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, Tsukimi Dango, Corn, Tomato, Neapolitan, Bagna Càuda, Bread, Shark Fin Soup, Normal Quality Egg, Platinum Egg, Ball, Popcorn, Mashed potatoes, Mayonnaise [Any size], Margherita, wood, Mountain grape water, ramen
Neutral "Oh, thank you."
All items not listed.
Disliked ":...I guess I'll take it, but I don't like it."
Red Beans, Oden, Spa-boiled Egg, Turnip, Yellow Grass
Scrap Ore, Chestnut, Chestnut rice, Cake, Spicy Sandwich 

Spicy Pepper Steak, Spicy Margherita Pizza, Spicy Fried Vegetables 

Spicy Ramen, Philosopher's Stone, Buckwheat Flour, Bamboo shoot 

Bamboo shoot rice, Dango Flour, Tinjaolose, Red Pepper, Dorayaki 

Carrot, Green Pepper, Pet Snack, Pot-au-feu, Mont Blanc, Roasted chestnuts
Hated "What's wrong with you!? Don't give me something like that!"
Red grass, Empty can, Stone, Golden Material, Pirate Treasure, Fodder, Ancient fish fossil, Fish bone, Weed, Lettered Pin, Poison Mushroom, Boots, Chicken/Rabbit Feed

Random Events

Gray and Kai's Friendship

Date Summer Time 11am - 1pm
Day Other
  • Talk to Gray and Kai
  • Gray and Kai aren't your partner
  • Kai is in the beach house
  • Gray and Kai have 100 FP at least
Location Sea House
Participants Gray, Kai Results
  • +20 FP with Gray and Kai

Heart Events

Meeting ≥0
Day Tues, Fri - Sun Weather Time 10am - 1pm Location Blacksmith
  • Gray and Saibara are in the blacksmith.
  • Steel your resolve, chin up. (+3000)
  • Then just quit, dude.(-2000)

The protagonist walks in on Gray and Saibara in the middle of a fight.

Friendship 1 ≥5000
Day Tu/Th/Sa/Su Weather Time 5 - 10pm Location Inn: Floor 2
  • Gray is in the second floor of the inn.
  • I'm applying to your fan club, Stat. (+3000)
  • That's only natural, I'd think. (-2000)

The protagonist and Gray talk in his room.

  • I'm applying to your fan club, Stat. (えらいね!)

Gray is flattered and says that he wants to become better to make you something.

  • That's only natural, I'd think. (当然だね)
Friendship 2 ≥10000
Day Monday Weather Clear Time 6am - 12pm Location Farm
  • Have the large rucksack or an upgraded cabinet
  • Have space in rucksack
  • I live to be adorned in opulence! (+3000)
  • Have you SEEN the dirt under my nails? (-2000)

Gray comes to your house and asks if you're interested in fashion.

  • I live to be adorned in opulence! (あるよ!)

Gray is happy and gives you a brooch.

  • Have you SEEN the dirt under my nails? (全然興味ない)
Friendship 3 ≥20000
Day Monday Weather Time 10am - 1pm Location Blacksmith
  • Gray and Saibara are at the Forge
  • Couldn't imagine life anywhere else! (+3000)
  • Who knows what tomorrow will bring. (-2000)

Lover/Best Friend

Confession ≥30000
  • Give Gray a "Preserved Flower."
Lover/Best Friend 1 ≥40000
Day Monday Weather Time 10am - 1pm Location Forge
  • Have a sickle in rucksack
  • For a hothead, you sure are cool. (+3000)
  • Don't worry about it so much. (-2000)
Lover/Best Friend 2 ≥50000
Day Weather Clear Time 10am - 1pm Location Farm

  • Maturity looks good on you. (+3000)
  • You have much yet to learn, grasshopper. (-2000)
Proposal ≥60000
  • Have a Big Bed.
  • Give Gray a "Blue Feather"
Marriage/Best Friend Ceremony
Requirements 1 week after successful proposal.
  • +20 FP with ceremony participants
  • Saibara's Friendship will rise to the maximum

Immediately after the marriage or best friend ceremony, you will be asked what you want Gray to call you.

Rival Events


Marie goes to the blacksmith. Gray gets hurt and begins bleeding, so she bandages him up.

Rival Events


am pm
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Single Mon-Sun Town Square Blacksmith Inn: 2nd Floor
Monday ① Blacksmith Inn 2nd Floor
Tu,W,F-Su ① Blacksmith Library Inn: 2nd Floor
Thursday ① Mountain Summit Blacksmith Library Inn: 2nd Floor
Married All Town Square Blacksmith Home

①: After Gray and Marie's rival event ②: Inn: 2nd Floor ③: Home