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This article is about Gray, a character from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. You may be looking for Gray from his other appearances throughout the series.
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"I'm so-so. I feel neither good or bad."

Gray (グレイ, Gurei) is a character in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.


Heart Events


The protagonist walks in on Gray and Saibara in the middle of a fight.


The protagonist and Gray talk in his room.

  • Amazing! (えらいね!)

Gray is flattered and says that he wants to become better to make you something.

  • Natural. (当然だね)


Gray comes to your house and asks if you're interested in fashion.
  • I am! (あるよ!)

Gray is happy and gives you a brooch.

  • Not at all. (全然興味ない)

Rival Events


Marie goes to the blacksmith. Gray gets hurt and begins bleeding, so she bandages him up.

Random Events


Oh, thank you! Having friends really is a great thing. (お、サンキュー!やっぱり、持つべきものは友だちだなぁ。)
Copper, Silver, Gold, Mythril,
Oh, lucky! Keep it up. (お、ラッキー!また、なんかくれよな。)
Branch, Normal Quality Egg
Oh, thank you. (お、サンキュ。)
Moondrop, Pinkcat, Toy Flower 小魚、中魚、ぶどう、はちみつ
...I guess I'll take it, but I don't like it. (…いちおう、もらっとくけどよ俺、嫌いなんだよ。それ。)
Turnip, Junk Ore,
What's wrong with you!? Don't give me something like that! (ムカつくやつだなぁ!そんなもん、持ってくんなよ!)
Boot, Empty Can,



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