This article is about Gus, a character from Skytree Village. You may be looking for Gus as he appears in Light of Hope.
"Name's Gus, I'm a blacksmith. You run into any promising mine you let me know pronto, ok?"

Gus is a villager in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

Gus is stubborn old blacksmith who has a soft spot for his granddaughter. He gave up making tools due to his failing eyesight.

Building Chemistry

There is no gift-giving in Skytree Village. The only way to build chemistry is to talk to the villagers every day. Unlike previous games, chemistry will not decrease if you do not talk to someone for awhile.

He can generally be found inside his home in Skytree Village.

Requests "Gus's Earthly Ore"

Request 1: 6 Iron Ore

  • Reward: 10 Fodder Corn Seeds and 1,000G

Request 2: 10 Glass Material

  • Reward: 10 Durum Wheat Seeds and 1,000G

Request 3: 6 Gold Ore

  • Reward: 10 San Marzano Seeds and 1,000G

Request #4: 3 Mithril Ore

  • Reward: 10 Cannonball Seeds

The main story quest line must be completed to unlock additional quests.

Request #5: 3 Adamantite Ore

  • Reward: 10 Romanesco Seeds and 6,000G

Seasonal Requests

Spring 2:

  • Reward:

Spring 2:

  • Reward:

Gus's Earthly Summer Ore #1: 10 Iron Ore

  • Reward: 5 Squash Seeds and 2,000G

Gus's Earthly Summer Ore #2:

  • Reward:

Gus's Earthly Fall Ore #1: 10 Gold Ore

  • Reward: 5 San Marzano Seeds and 2,000G

Gus's Earthly Fall Ore #2:2 Moonstone Ore

  • Reward:

Gus's Earthly Winter Ore #1: 10 Silver Ore

  • Reward: 5 White Carrot Seeds and 2,000G

Winter 2:

  • Reward:
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