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This article is about Gwen, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Gwen, a character from Save the Homeland, or Gwen, a character from Hero of Leaf Valley.

Gwen (サラ, Sara) is one of the marriage candidates in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

After attending the Horse Races and meeting Gwen for the first time, she will later move in to Perch Inn when it's opened by her uncle Doug. Doug will open Perch Inn on Summer Day 1.

During the day, she will work as a cook at the Inn. In the evening, she can be found at the Moonlight Cafe unwinding after a long day.

Gwen also loves the outdoors, animals, and to ride horses. Doug is not her only relative in town, her grandfather Woody also lives in town. 


  • Perch Inn
  • Moonlight Cafe
  • The Workshop

Moving Out

Gwen will leave town if the player fails to ship enough animal products through the shipping box. Animal products include: eggs, milk, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and wool.


Gift Preferences
Loved Baked Corn, Shiny Wool, Very Berry Jam, Special Cheese, Fertilized Carrot, Pizza, Cabbage, Topaz Ring, High Quality Carrot
Liked Normal Carrot, Good Milk, Boiled Egg, Moondrop Flower, Orange, Orange Juice, Good Egg, Yellow Yarn, Pink Cat Flower, Regular Wool, Any Sashimi, Topaz, Sunny-Side up, Blueberry Juice, Blueberries, Chestnut
Disliked Weeds, Toadstool, Rotten Stake

Heart Events

2-Heart Gift

Gwen will come to your front door as you leave in the morning (regardless of which gender you're playing as) when she reaches two hearts.

Gwen will give you a homemade Omelette, and you will also get the "Ponytail" note.

 5-Heart Gift

Gwen will bring a second gift when she reaches 5 hearts, if you are playing as a male character.

Gwen will knock on your door in the morning as you leave and will give you a slice of pizza.


After meeting all the of the marriage requirements and receiving your Blue Feather, the player will be able to propose.

Whichever character you're proposing to must have a minimum of 8 hearts. If they accept your Blue Feather, the wedding will take place the following day (unless the following day is a festival). The wedding will take up one full day.


In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, each bachelor and bachelorette can be paired off to what is considered as the main character's rival.  

Each rival couple has one heart event between them, but they will never marry. You must have 4 hearts with your rival (the person of the same gender), and the marriage candidate must have less than 4 hearts.

Your rival for Gwen is Bob. Bob and Gwen's event happens on the first floor of Perch Inn.

Musical Note

Gwen provides you with the 88th musical note, "Ponytail", when she brings you a gift for building her friendship level up to 2 hearts.

Note Description: “She likes to ride horses. Good at cooking and draws customers at the inn. And her ponytail looks cute."