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The Hair Salon is a shop owned by Allen. This is the only place where you can change your hair-style and hair color. He won't move in Echo Village if you haven't build the salon. There are 18 hair-styles you can hire Allen to make for the main character, with an additional 5 styles that unlock after you finish Town Restoration Plan #5. Allen will always have the same 17 hair color choices. The Hair Salon is open on Monday, Thursday and Friday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Hair Color Choices

  • Brown
  • Blond
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Light Green
  • Green
  • Dark Green
  • Blue
  • Blue Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • white
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Lavender

Hair Style Choices

  • Boys
    • Farm Boy Style
    • Normal
    • Natural Short
    • Active Short
    • Casual
    • Wavy Perm
    • Spiked
    • Elite Short
    • Straight Short
  • Girls
    • Farm Girl Style
    • Short
    • Layered Bob
    • Bun
    • Loose Short
    • Medium Perm
    • Pigtails
    • Ponytail
    • Long

Styles After Restoration Plan #5

  • Wild
  • Samurai
  • Twin Tails
  • Long Perm
  • Princess

For the Long Perm style, and you are playing as a boy, you can unlock it after finishing Town Restoration Plan #5. If you are playing as a girl, you can unlock it as a result of Allen's Yellow Heart Event or once you get married to any bachelor.

The Princess hair-style will unlock after you buy the Kimono (girl version) outfit at Yuri's Tailor Shop, which becomes available at her shop when you begin Town Restoration Plan #5, and Yuri has 40,000 FP or more. The Kimono requires 25 Suffolk Yarn Ball at 3 Stars or more, 12 Great Yarn Ball at 3 stars or more, and 25 Blue Cloth. The boy version of the Kimono does not unlock the Princess hair style at Allen's Salon.

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