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Hana (ハナ Hana) is a character in Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning.

This woman is in charge of the General Store in Echo Village. She will sell you seeds, spare tools, fertilizer, cooking recipes, and even cooking staples like oil, curry powder, and so on. She is your go-to girl for anything farm related. Hana's shop is closed only on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Hana also can make flower bouquets to decorate the Vase inside your house. Bring her four different types of flowers and she will craft them into a bouquet. The flower bouquets never rot, so once you place it in your Vase it will say there until you replace it with a new bouquet. You don't receive the original bouquet when you replace it with a new one. You can also give Hana's bouquets to villagers as gifts.

Hana is married to an elderly fisherman named Kosaburo. He will set up a bait and tackle shop inside the General Store after you unlock him.


Store Schedule:

Day: Time:
Monday 10AM - 6PM
Tuesday 10AM - 6PM
Thursday 10AM - 6PM
Friday 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 6PM


Gift Preferences
Special Soy Milk Ice Cream
Loved All fish, Tuna Steak
Liked All Butterflies, Turnip, Turnip Soup, Freshwater Clam, Boiled Lotus Root, Grilled Fish, Boiled Spinach
Neutral Potato Dishes, Mushroom Dishes, Crepe, Herb Soup, Vegetable Cake, Milk, Mint, Chamomile Flower, Turnip Salad
Disliked Walnut Bread, Ladybugs, Grasshoppers, Bees, Treat (animals),


Gifts Given

While technically not a gift, at 30,000 FP, Hana's husband, Kosaburo, moves back into town and opens a bait shop inside the general store.

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