This article is about Hanna, a character from Animal Parade. You may be looking for Hanna as she appears in Tree of Tranquility or the other character known as Hanna.

Hanna (ハンナ Hanna) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Hanna lives and works at Horn Ranch with her daughter Renee and husband Cain. Although she doesn't often help care for livestock, she is an expert on animal care.

Hanna is often found inside the shop part of Horn Ranch, and her role is to sell the player animals, animal products, and tools.[1] During business hours, she is always behind the counter. On Wednesdays when Horn Ranch is closed, Hanna can sometimes be found outside or in one of the barns caring for the animals. Hanna, Renee and Cain also live at Horn Ranch, although it's rare to see any of them in their bedrooms.

Hanna has little involvement to any main plot points in the story. There are a few events that can be witnessed with her, and she always participates in the Animal Festival each year. Horn Ranch is also the location of the Green Bell frame.


Gift Preferences
Loved Sunflower, Morning Glory, Shining Egg, Shining Mayonnaise, Omelet, Cheese Omelet, Strawberry Milk, Egg Salad
Liked Pansey, Chrysanthemum, Moondrop Flower, Pearl, Cherry Shell, Cookies, Fried egg, Boiled Egg
Disliked Junk Ore, Failed Dishes, Junk


Ghost Troubles

You can view this event after ringing the Purple Bell, after 9PM. You'll need to visit the graveyard in the Celesta Church Plaza.[3]

You'll hear a sobbing noise as you enter the graveyard. Finn thinks it's that crybaby sprite, Edge, but it actually turns out to be a ghost! The ghost reveals his name is Tom, and when he was alive, he left behind a beautiful girl named Anna. Unfortunately, Tom died in an accident and never got to apologize to Anna for an argument that they had before he died. He asks you to go and apologize to Anna for him.

If you go to Horn Ranch, you will find Hanna and Renee. Renee shows your character a music box that she found when she was cleaning. She explains that it once belonged to her grandmother, whose name was Anna. The music box is like the one that Tom described. Renee and Hanna agree that it's okay to give you the music box.

Go back to the graveyard after 9PM with the music box. Hold it in your hands and examine Tom's grave.[4] Tom recognizes that the music box is the one that belonged to Anna, and Finn gives Tom the bad news. Anna's been dead for 20 years. Tom is relieved that Anna kept the music box, and says that Anna is waiting for him. He will take the music box and vanish.


Animal Festival


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