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Hanna is a character in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

Hanna is the owner of the local café. With a mix of a feminine appearance and a tomboy personality she’s never outgrown, Hanna is a bit of a contradiction.

Though she can be a little careless with her words and actions, Hanna has a big heart, and plenty of love for all her customers – and her daughter, Emily! As a middle-aged woman, she’s comfortably settled into the slower-paced lifestyle of the Lost Valley, and couldn’t think of living anywhere else. Stop by, and Hanna will be sure to feed you plenty of delicious food, cooked and served by fellow family members.

Hanna runs the local eatery, while her daughter Emily serves as the hostess of the restaurant. Hanna is very proud that her daughter Emily is carrying on the family tradition by working in the restaurant. [1]


You'll only be able to accept and complete Hanna's requests when she's in front of your home.

Hanna's Ingredient's 1

  • Need 10 Spinach, 10 Broccoli
  • Reward: 2 Great Bread, 300G


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