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This article is about Hanna, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Hanna as she appears in Animal Parade or the other character known as Hanna..

Hanna is a character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

She runs Brownie Ranch with her husband Cain and daughter Renee. She works inside the ranch's store selling animals, animal food and tools. You can speak to her at the register to start a part-time job at the ranch.


Gift Preferences
Loved Buckwheat Noodles with Egg, Egg Rice, Egg Salad, Egg Sandwich, Omelet Rice, Pickled Cabbage, Shining Baumkuchen, Yellow Wool Yarn
Liked Bodigizer (All), Bouillabaisse (All Qualities, except Decent), Cake (All), Fish Meuniere (All), Herb Fish (All Qualities, except Decent), Perfect/Shining Animal Products (All), Pumpkin Dishes (All), Pudding (All), Pie (All), Wool Yarn (All Colors, except Yellow), Bamboo en Papilote, Banana Milk, Bread, Buckwheat Chips, Cabbage (Perfect/Shining), Cheese Omelet, Chirashi Sushi, Chocolate Banana, Cold Medicine, Conger Eel Rice, Cookie, Corn Bread, Croquette, Doria, Eel Bowl, Egg Soup, Fried Egg, Fried Rice, Herb Bread, Herb Cookie, Herbal Tea, Honeydew Milk, Hot Cocoa, Marinated Fish (Perfect/Shining), Mashed Potato, Milk Tea, Moondrop Flower, Morning Glory, Mushroom Gratin, Onion Bread, Orange Cookie, Pancake, Pansy, Shining Cocoon, Shining Perfume, Pizza, Plain Omelet, Potato Gratin, Potato Pancake, Ratatouille, Royal Jelly, Salmon Cream Stew, Salmon Fried Rice, Sardine Tomato Stew, Sashimi (Perfect/Shining), Saury Tomato Stew, Seafood Doria, Seafood Fried Rice, Seafood Gratin, Seafood Pizza, Seafood Stew, Seasoned Egg, Shining Wool Yarn, Shining Wool, Shark Fin Stew, Southern Fried Rice, Southern Omelet, Spicy Seafood Soup, Spicy Stew, Squid Tomato Stew, Stay Awake, Steamed Egg, Steamed Turnip, Stew, Stir Fry, Strawberry Milk, Sunflower, Super Stay Awake, Sushi (Perfect/Shining), Tempura Buckwheat Chips, Tomato Omelet, Tuna Rice, Vegetable Pizza, Vegetable Salad, Vegetable Sandwich, Yellow Flax Yarn, Yellow Herb, Yellow Honey, Yellow Silk Yarn, Yogurt, Yogurt Drink
Disliked Cocktails (All), Copper, Copper Ore, Iron, Iron Ore, Toadstool, Shining Bamboo Shoot
Hated Algae, Empty Can, Failed Dish, Failed Soup, Rubber Boot, Scrap Iron, Swim Shorts, Weird Dish


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