HM64 Fishing

Fishing is a surefire way to increase Pete's Happiness Rating!

Within the game is a hidden statistic called "Happiness". This statistic plays an important role in collecting one of the photographs and contributes to your overall completion percentage.  It starts at 0 and can increase to a maximum of 255. Many things can affect Pete's happiness, such as Random Events, animal health, and other activities.

Increasing Happiness

The simplest ways to increase happiness are as follows:

  • Using the bathroom in your house (+1 Happiness)
  • Catch a fish (+1 Happiness)
  • Chase the birds in front of your house/pond (+1 Happiness)

Decreasing Happiness

There are multiple ways of decreasing Pete's happiness, but the most common and easy to cause it is throwing away an edible item and having it be destroyed upon the ground.

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