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This article is about Hardy, a character from Harvest Moon DS. You may be looking for Hardy, a character in A Wonderful Life.

Hardy (バドッグ Badoggu) is a character in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute.

Hardy works as a doctor for the residents of Forget-Me-Not Valley. His house is located in the main strip of houses, just south of the farm. He's proud of his work, and never misses an appointment. He's been Romana's doctor for years, but will happily help others in the valley if they need assistance.

He spends most of his time at home or at the spring. On Saturdays, he goes to see Romana for her weekly checkup at the mansion. After his visit with her, he will go to visit Galen and Nina at their home.

He will tell you (or your wife) that you are expecting a child after you get married. He and Nina will assist in the birth of your child. 


Sunday - Friday (All Weather)
6am - 12pm Inside his House
12pm - 1:20pm Walking towards Goddess Spring
1:20pm - 7:10pm Standing near Goddess Spring
7:10pm - 8:40pm Walking to his House
8:40pm - 6am Inside his House
Saturday (All Weather)
6am - 8am Inside his House
8am - 9am Walking to Romana's
9am - 1pm Inside Romana's Mansion
1pm - 3:30pm Walking to Galen's
3:30pm - 7pm Inside Galen's House
7pm - 8:50pm Walking to Blue Bar
8:50pm - 11pm Inside Blue Bar
11pm - 11:20pm Walking Home
11:20pm - 6am Inside his House


Gift Preferences
Loved Matsutake, Toadstool, All Grass, Fish, Wine, Rice Cake, Stir Fry, Grilled Fish, Wild Grape Wine, Fish Stew, Roasted Rice Cake, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Latte, Pickled Turnips, Pickled Cucumber, Sushi, Sashimi, Elli Leaves
Liked Red Magic Flower, Copper, Silver, Gold, Mystrile, Orichalc, Adamantite, Moonstone, Sandrose, Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Pink Diamond, Peridot, Fluorite, Agate, Amethyst, Fried Thick Noodles, Boiled Spinach, Boiled Egg, Mountain Stew, Rice Soup, Porridge, Toasted Riceballs, Tomato Juice, Mixed Juice, Mixed Latte, Moon Dumpling, Salad
Neutral All other items not listed.
Disliked Toy Flower, Perfume, Weeds, Wood Lumber, Stone Lumber, Popcorn, Curry Bread, Dry Curry, Curry Noodles, Stew, Curry Rice, Curry Bun
Hated Mayonnaise, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, Fish Bones, Empty Can, Boot, Branch, Stone, Golden Lumber, Fodder, Bird Feed, French Fries, All Curry, Butter

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