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The Harvest Festival is a festival in Harvest Moon 64. The celebration occurs on Fall 12th.

In this version of the Harvest Festival, people display and comment on various foods to eat. Next year's Harvest King is also revealed at this time. The King plays an important role during some of next year's celebrations, including the Planting Festival and Spirit Festival. In addition, the Harvest King will dance with the girl representing the Harvest Goddess at the Flower Festival

Although the Harvest King is revealed at the Harvest Festival, the person chosen for the title is decided randomly when the player goes to bed on Fall 11. In order to guarantee the title, the player must not save the game on the night before the festival. If they do not get chosen as Harvest King, the player can restart the system, play through Fall 11, and try again.

Kai Harvest Festival HM64

Kai expressing his piety

In order to receive the title of Harvest King, the player has to eat the cake Elli offered towards the end of the festival. If a coin is found inside, the player is awarded the title of Harvest King for the following year.

The player should talk to each girl, as they occasionally cook something for the festival. They will ask the player to try their dish. Responding by saying "It's good" to get a small affection boost. After the King is chosen, the player will also have the chance to dance with one of the girls.[1]

Harvest Moon 64 Harvest Festival - Dance with Popuri

Harvest Moon 64 Harvest Festival - Dance with Popuri


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