"You'd better talk to that cutie the Harvest Godess and grumpy old Gorgan"
―Harvest God

This article is about Harvest God, a character from Skytree Village. You may be looking for Harvest God, as he appears in other games.

The Harvest God lives in the sky and watches over the world below him.


Request 1: 5x white berries

  • Reward: 5x scallion seeds

Request 2: 3x pink roses

  • Reward: 5x red cabbage seeds

Request 3: 3 fluorite

  • Reward:

Request 4: 5 peaches

  • Reward:

The main story quest line must be completed to unlock additional quests.

Request 5:

  • Reward:

Seasonal Requests

Spring 1:

  • Reward:

Spring 2:

  • Reward:

Summer 1:

  • Reward:

Summer 2:

  • Reward:

Fall 1:

  • Reward:

Fall 2:

  • Reward:

Winter 1:

  • Reward:

Winter 2:

  • Reward

Building Chemistry

There is no gift-giving in Skytree Village. The only way to build chemistry is to talk to the villagers every day and complete requests. Unlike previous games, chemistry will not decrease if you do not talk to someone for awhile.

The Harvest God can be found above your house by climbing the fifth Skytree.


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