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The Harvest Goddess is the being whose presence governs the nature of Mineral Town in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

Unlike some Harvest Moon titles, the Goddess is not considered a villager who you can befriend. You also cannot marry her. Gifts do not increase friendship with her, they are used only as an offering. You can make offerings to her and in return, you will be rewarded in various ways.

She will accept only crops or animal products as offerings.[1] You can only summon the Goddess on non-festival sunny days.


To make an offering, you must stand directly in front of the waterfall, facing the spring. As you give the Goddess offerings, she will give you various rewards. The rewards are the same in both the original Playstation version and the PSP version. However, the amount of offerings required differs. 

Reward Requirements (PS) Requirements (PSP)
Power Berry 5 Offerings 20 Offerings
Affection Bonus with Bachelorette 10 Offerings 10 Offerings
Golden Lumber 20 Offerings 5 Offerings


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