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This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess in her other appearances throughout the series.
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The Harvest Goddess (女神(めがみ)さま Megami-sama, lit. The Goddess) is a character in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: CuteShe is one of the special bachelorettes available to marry in DS (and also best friended only in Japanese version of Cute). Due to localization programming errors, however, she is not available to marry in the North American version of the game.[1]

She is turned to stone by the Witch Princess and can only be cured by the magic of the Harvest Sprites. Once 60 sprites have been rescued, the Goddess will return to normal. Gifts can be given to her by throwing them into her pond.

Mysteriously, even while turned to stone, you will sometimes receive messages of congratulations from the Goddess by performing certain actions. Each of these actions will boost her affection by 3000 points.[2] The Goddess' heart level is invisible.


Gift Preferences
Special Strawberry
Loved Pineapple
Liked Crops (All), Flowers (All), Orange, Eggs, Milk, Relax Tea Leaves
Disliked Cooked Recipes (All, excluding Steamed Egg), Mined Items (All), Toadstool, Lithograph, Wine, Rice Balls, Bread, Oil Flour, Curry Powder, Buckwheat Flour, Chocolate, Rice Cake, Weed, Branch, Stone, Wood Lumber, Stone Lumber, Dog Ball, Fodder, Bird Feed
Hated Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, Fish Bones, Empty Can, Gold Lumber


Whether intended or not, the Harvest Goddess is unavailable for marriage in the North American release because of bugs that exist within the game. Heart events can still be triggered, but all the requirements cannot be fulfilled in order to marry her due to the following circumstances:

  • Buckwheat Flour is required for certain items that need to be shipped for a complete shipping list. Buckwheat Flour can only be obtained from the New Years Festival with an extremely low chance.[3]
  • A bug prevents the necklace (found in the mines) from showing up in the mining list. Even if you've shipped a necklace before, the game will not register this. This automatically locks the player from achieving the goal of finding everything in the mine, which is required to marry the Goddess.[4]

Marriage Requirements[5]

The Harvest Goddess will be turned to stone until 60 of the 101 Harvest Sprites are rescued. After she is cured, you can begin to court her by giving her gifts and watching her heart events. There are many additional requirements that need to be met in order to marry her, however.

The extra requirements to marry her are as following:

  • Be in your 5th year (or later). 
  • Ship at least 1 of everything available. This is difficult (if not impossible) due to the scarcity of Buckwheat Flour. 
  • Get the Legendary Sword and unlock the field behind the waterfall. The Legendary Sword is obtained from Keira by reaching level 255 of the second mine. 
  • Discover every type of item in all 4 mines. A bug prevents the necklace from registering in the mining list, which may prevent players from marrying the Goddess altogether. 
  • Rescuing all 101 Harvest Sprites.

If you are married to the Goddess, she will still live in her spring.

Heart Events

Once the Harvest Goddess has returned to the valley, you can interact with her and start to court her for marriage. All heart events require special requirements to be completed. They can be triggered no matter the day, time, or weather. Simply throw a gift into her pond to summon her. If you've completed all of the requirements, the heart event will trigger when she comes out of the pond.

Black Heart Event

Rescuing the Harvest Goddess by finding 60 Harvest Sprites also counts as her first heart event. She thanks you for saving her and invites you to come visit anytime.[6]

Purple Heart Event[7]

The requirements to trigger this event are as follows:

  • 10,000 steps or more on your pedometer
  • Ship 10,000 or more of ONE item
  • Catch 10,000 or more of ONE specific fish
  • Reach the bottom floor of the first mine (10 floors)
  • The Harvest Godddess has a purple heart color or more

The Harvest Goddess is feeling down, explaining that her boss has been getting upset that she's not keeping her spring very clean. With all of the duties that the Goddess has, she feels that her boss is being unreasonable. Talking to you has made her feel better.

Blue Heart Event

For the Blue event, you have unlocked all 9 channels of the Spite Station. Otherwise, the Harvest Goddess needs to be at a blue heart level. You must trigger the first two events.[8]

The Harvest Goddess is worried about the Witch Princess. Their rivalry continues even after the Witch Princess had previously turned her to stone. The Harvest Goddess is determined not to let the Witch Princess win. Offer your support and she will thank you.

Yellow Heart Event

To trigger the Harvest Goddess' final heart event, give her at least 500 gifts. When Harvest Goddess has a yellow heart and you've watched the previous events, throw an item in her pond.[9]

The Harvest Goddess is feeling worn out by all of her duties, explaining that she gets very tired after doing a lot of work, then admits to you that sometimes she wishes to be a normal human instead of a goddess. She thinks that being human would get rid of a lot of these problems. If you convince her that humans also have problems to deal with, the Harvest Goddess realizes what she is saying now and admits that you've got a point.


IF the player has collected 9 Wonderful Stones from mining, the Harvest Goddess will appear to grant you a wish. The list of wishes are:

  • 'Please give me money'
  • 'Give me a Harvest Sprite Medal'
  • 'Make me popular'
  • 'Remove curse from current equipped item'
  • 'Raise shipping price'
  • 'Give me an item'
  • 'Heal my animals'
  • 'Raise my farm level'