This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Harvest Moon GBC. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess as she appears in other games.

The Harvest Goddess is a minor character in Harvest Moon GB.

She lives in the Harvest Goddess Spring inside of the Sprite Cave. There is an event with the Harvest Goddess where she will upgrade the player's axe.

In Summer of Year 1, there will be an earthquake. Afterwards, the carpenter will come and ask you to inspect for damages. After he leaves, equip your Hammer and your Axe and enter the Harvest Sprite Cave directly beneath your toolshed. One of the sprites will be pinned beneath a fallen rock and begs for your aid. Help him by smashing the rock with your Hammer and he will thank you for your assistance.

Continue further into the back of the cave and you will find that the large boulder blocking the Harvest Goddess Spring has been removed. Approach it and use your Axe on the water's edge. The Harvest Goddess will instantly appear and ask you if this is your Golden Axe. Tell her it isn't and she will commend your honesty and reward you with the Golden Axe before disappearing.


  • When getting the Golden Axe, she asks you if the Golden Axe is yours. Tell the truth (say no) and she'll give you the Golden Axe. This is a reference to popular fable "The Honest Woodman."
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