This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Harvest Moon. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess as she appears in other games.

The Harvest Goddess is a character appearing in Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon does not have a big role compared to her role in later games. The Flower Festival is in honor of her having created flowers, as the world was without them before her inspiration; legend states she created them to cheer up a young girl who had lost her boyfriend.

She appears when you use your Axe in the small pond in the Mountain. The earthquake must appear in Winter in Year 1 in order to go to there.

She also appears when you first throw a Fish in the pond near the water hole where you catch fish. She will appear and give you a delicious Power Berry.


  • She is not eligible to marry.
  • When getting the Golden Axe, she asks you if the Golden Axe is yours. Tell the truth (say no) and she'll give you the Golden Axe. This is a reference to popular fable "The Honest Woodman."


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