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This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess in her other appearances throughout the series.

The Harvest Goddess is a minor character in Harvest Moon 64. She serves a supporting role to the player, and can grant blessings and aid when offerings are given.


The Harvest Goddess resides in a pool known as the Goddess Pond, in a clearing in the woods on Moon Mountain near the Carpenter's Clearning. In order to make her appear, the player must throw a vegetable or egg into her pond from the small bridge. Store-bought or foraged items will not work. She will only appear between 9am-5pm.


In return for the offering, the Harvest Goddess will grant one of three wishes, once a day each day.

  • Weather: The day after tomorrow will be sunny.
  • Strength: The goddess will restore the player's fatigue and stamina. If those are already full, she will give a Power Berry instead.
  • Love: The bachelorette with the highest affection for the player gains +1 additional affection.

Reviving the Vineyard

The Harvest Goddess plays a major role in the revival of the vineyard. This contributes to a perfect ending of the game and helps the player if they are trying to woo Karen.

If the player has a high affection with Duke, he'll give a special wine to the player. If the player has a high affection with the Harvest Sprites, they comment on the special wine and talk about the Tree Spirit at the vineyard. By summoning the Harvest Goddess, she will wake the Spirit up and restore the Vineyard. Be aware that this event will end the day. On the night of Fall 6, the Goddess will visit in a dream to say that the Spirit brought the Keifu fairies back to help the Vineyard's grapes. If Karen is at a yellow heart by Fall 7, she'll bring the player to the Vineyard in the evening to show the fairies and the player will get a photo in their album.


  • It is worth noting that, though this game was Westernized for its American release, some Japanese references were overlooked. For example, although the church is presented as Christian and includes a cross, townspeople sometimes discuss the church and its religion in Shinto terms, such as referring to the existence of both a "god of the harvest" and a "god of business." This means that the Harvest Goddess is not the lone divinity talked about in this game.
  • The Harvest Goddess is one of the few NPCs who can still be routinely found on festival days.
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