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The Harvest Goddess (女神さま Megami-sama, lit. Great Goddess) is a character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

The Harvest Goddess lived in the Goddess Spring long before Leaf Valley was founded. She's cheery and a little bit strange. It seems nobody except you and the Harvest Sprites can see her. The Harvest Goddess lives in the Goddess Spring of the Valley.

She only appears after you've made an offering by throwing an item into her Spring. She loves vegetables, but will appear when anything is thrown into the pond. The Harvest Goddess can also grant a number of wishes:[2]

"Get along with girls" = +1FP for one random girl
"Get along with horse" = +5FP with your horse
"Get along with dog" = +1FP with your dog
"Restore strength" = Restore stamina to full
"Alleviate weakness" = Resture fatigue to full

When you've completed her event path, she will change her form into human, and live a normal life if you decide to marry her. She can only be married if her event path is completed. She will later reveal that her real name is Marina. 

Do not give her gifts when it is rainy outside or too early. She will be unhappy that you disturbed her during those times!


Gift Preferences
Liked Vegetables, Fruits, Honey (but you don't get a wish)
Disliked Grass, Bugs, Junk

Event #8: The Tale of the Harvest Goddess Temple


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