This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess as she appears in other games.

Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is the focus of the game's main plot.

Jamie who has a strong connection with her call her by her name Mariel (マリエル) in the original Japanese version.

Due to people forgetting how to care, she was turned to stone. You will meet her in the beginning of the game.

Not everybody has stopped caring, as the Harvest Sprites are desperate for help to save the Harvest Goddess. They ask your rival Jamie to collect notes to save the Harvest Goddess as well. Jamie seemed to have been close to the Harvest Goddess at some point, and is angry and upset that she has been turned to stone. Jamie swears that they will save the Harvest Goddess.

Unlike in some of the versions Harvest Moon games, she is not an eligible bachelorette for marriage. Unique to other versions, the Harvest Goddess will not accept presents. She has no heart level, and cannot be befriended or courted.

Saving the Harvest Goddess

You will meet her in the beginning cut scene, where you will be asked to collect 100 musical notes to revive her by the Harvest Sprites. Every 5 notes you bring to the Goddess Spring becomes a musical instrument. When 50 notes are collected, the instruments will form an orchestra and play a tune that turns the Harvest Goddess back to normal.

The credits will play after returning the Harvest Goddess back to normal, but the game is not over yet! To completely beat the game, you need all 100 notes collected.

After Restoration

Once the Harvest Goddess returns to her normal self, she will help the player. If you are low on stamina, the Harvest Goddess will refill it all for free! Simply go and visit her at the Goddess Pond. There are no limits to how many times a player can do this in a day, so it is an endless stamina recharge available after collecting 50 notes and freeing the Goddess!

Other Information

  • The Harvest Goddess will never leave the Goddess Spring. She can be found here day and night.
  • She does not attend any festivals or events. She also doesn't have a birthday.
  • She cannot be befriended or courted.
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