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This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Sunshine Islands. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess in her other appearances throughout the series.

The Harvest Goddess is a character in Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands.

The Goddess lives in her spring on the Mystic Islands. Once the Mystic Islands have been raised, you can speak to her by throwing a gift into her pond. Unlike most villagers, she will accept your gifts right away. Unlocking her is one of the requirements for the Harvest Goddess Festival to take place on Spring 8, which is also the goddess' birthday.

When the player or rival couples get married, the Goddess will bless each couple after the ceremony.


Gift Preferences
Special Strawberry
Loved Pineapple, Firefly Flower
Liked Crops (All), Flowers (All, except Firefly Flower)
Neutral Sea Urchin
Disliked Ores
Hated Empty Can, Failed Dish, Fish Bones, Weeds


  • If you have 7 hearts with the Harvest Goddess, she will give you a present if you speak to her on your birthday. There are three different presents available, depending on the year. She will give you either a Pineapple (Year 1), Firefly Flower (Year 2) or a Strawberry (Year 3). These gifts will continue in a set rotation every three years.[1]
    • If she gives you Strawberry, you can gift it back to her for a major boost of affection (or save it for her birthday in your refrigerator for even more heart points).


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