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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (牧場物語 Oh! ワンダフルライフ, Bokujō Monogatari: Oh! Wandafuru Raifu, lit. Ranch Story: Oh! Wonderful Life) is an enhanced port of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the PlayStation 2 system, featuring minor changes and add-ons to the original.


The basic plot is similar to several previous Harvest Moon games: the main character, a young man, inherits a somewhat run-down farm after the death of his father. The game takes place in the small village of Forget-Me-Not Valley.

True to its name, the game progresses through the main character's entire adult life, from young adulthood to old age. NPCs in the game, including the main character's child and wife, also grow older as time passes,

However, numerous years are skipped as the game is progressed.

Notable changes

  • Lumina is now eligible for marriage
  • The choice to have a daughter
  • A "Heaven Mode" or free-play mode is unlocked after the game's ending
  • A new farm extension called the Fertilizer Maker is available
  • The Player Character's clothes will change each season
  • Text has a different size now and more text is fit in at the same time than in the original game
  • There are three different colors of the horse available
  • Goats can be sold
  • You now have the option to train your dog
  • Your field now must be fertilized on each square in order to produce grass
  • The furthest, most fertile field from your house now must be unlocked and bought rather than being available from the start like in the original game
  • Different Cow types are unlocked as years pass rather than all being available from the start like in the original game
  • Nami's character model is different from the original game. She now has unkempt hair instead of combed hair like in the original
  • The second chapter is renamed "A Birth"
  • New Dialogues
  • A few cooking changes


  • Celia is perhaps the most traditional of the three girls. She lives and works on a vegetable farm just outside of town. Because she is usually easy to find and most of her favorite gifts are easily obtained, Celia is the easiest of the three girls to successfully court.
  • Muffy is a barmaid who works in town. She recently moved to Forget-Me-Not Valley from the big city and has some difficulty adjusting to country life. 
  • Nami can often seem rude and distant, even when she is in love with the player character. Her attitude, her unpredictable schedule, and her unusual taste in gifts make Nami more difficult to woo than the other girls. If the player character marries Celia or Muffy, Nami leaves after the first year, only to return in the second chapter.
  • Lumina was added as a new bacherlorette in the Special Edition. She lives at the Villa with her grandmother and butler. She is a gifted pianist and can be won over with easy gifts like eggs and flowers

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