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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE Complete is a re-release of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope that has all the extra features in the special edition along with all of the DLC


This new version of the game has all the DLC packs that include all the following:

  • Divine Marriageable Characters Pack
    • Marriageable Characters: Harvest Goddess & Gorgan
    • Romance Events
    • Marriage Events
  • Doc's & Melanie's Episodes
    • Melanie's New Designs
    • Reward: Seasonal outfits for the main and marriageable characters...42 new outfits!
    • Doc's Romance Help
    • Reward: Ability to change your house interior...7 unique interiors!
  • Decorations & Tool Upgrade Pack
    • Hoe & Watering Can Upgrades (2 Additional Levels Each)
    • 7 Different Decorative Fence Sets
    • Decorative Harvest Goddess Statue
    • Decorative Doc Statue
  • New Marriageable Characters Pack
    • New Characters: Shirlock & Michelle
    • Romance Events
    • Marriage Events
    • 18 New Requests

It also has all the additions that were added in the Special Edition of the game like the Local two player co-op feature along with minor additions.

Marriage Candidates