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Harvest Moon: My Little Shop (牧場物語 まきばのお店 Makiba no Omise, llt. Farming Shop) is the first WiiWare Harvest Moon game.

Harvest Moon My Little Shop can be purchased for 1,200 Wii Points under the WiiWare section, and it features a variety of mini-games with a real time based system. You also take care of animals and grow crops. There is no marriage in this game due to the fact the player plays as a child.


You can choose to play as a boy or girl who is a youngster that goes to Clover Town to visit and stay with your grandparents for a while and ends up helping them by running their shop. Clover Town, a rural place, has often heard of a legend about Harvest Sprites. The object is to build a bustling business that will help Clover Town prosper, which the character can do by choosing stock carefully and managing his or her own shop.


The WiiMote is used primarily to play. During the game, mini games can be unlocked. My Little Shop also features villagers from towns from previous games, such as Forget-Me-Not Valley, Mineral Town, Sunny Island, Flower Bud Village, and Waffle Town.


  • You can Decorate the outside of your Shop
  • Each Shop has a set of different mini games that involve selecting crops, milking cows, catching chicken eggs, using a juicer and decorating eggs.
  • Characters from previous Harvest Moon games will visit your shop as customers.
  • Festivals your character can participate in.
  • Extras can be bought in the Main Menu from the WiiShop.

Add-on Content

  • Juice Bar Set - 400 points - This add-on unlocks Popuri from Harvest Moon 64 as a customer, and adds the Juice Storefront, Juice Awning, Juice Roof, and Jack-O'-Lantern decoration. Watermelon seeds are added to the Seed Shop, which triggers an (up to) 800 point bonus when playing the Juice Shop game.
  • Egg Stand Set - 400 points - Adds Skye from Harvest Moon DS Cute as a customer, a Turkey as a poultry animal, the Egg Storefront, Egg Awning, Egg Roof, and Egg Nest decoration.
  • Ice Cream Set - 400 points - Unlocks Ann from Harvest Moon 64 as a customer, and adds a Strawberry Cow, Ice Cream Storefront, Ice Cream Awning, Ice Cream Roof, and Cow decoration.
  • New Friends Set - 400 points - Five new customers; Cliff from Harvest Moon 64, Sara from Harvest Moon GBC 3, Leia from Harvest Moon DS, and Amanda and Adam from Magical Melody.

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