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Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos is a game by Natsume to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Harvest Moon. It is the sixth game to be created solely by Natsume.


The game first began being teased on December 6, 2022, with a crossword puzzle hinting at a new game, followed by a screenshot of a night sky with no context. This was followed by Natsume spelling out the location (Anthos) one letter at a time daily (From December 8 to December 13) until the logo was ultimately revealed on December 14, 2022.

Natsume would then remain silent about the game until March 14, 2023, where they would announce a 'Week of Anthos'. Starting the following day, there would be daily reveals about the game, including two screenshots a day, details about gameplay, and hints of new and returning features. They would then release more screenshots and announce the platforms between April 6 and April 8, 2023.

Its box art and release date were both silently released on May 18, 2023, when the game was listed on Amazon for preorders and officially announced on May 23, 2023.


Anthos has always been the home of the Harvest Sprites and the Harvest Goddess, beings who exist to protect people and nature alike from natural disasters. However, about 10 years ago, an unprecedented eruption in Anthos' volcanic region forced the Harvest Goddess and her Harvest Sprites to use all of their powers to protect the people and animals of Anthos. The people were saved, but the eruption left the villages cut off from each other and people stuck outside of their villages. Believing that the separated villages and people would one day be reconnected, the Harvest Goddess sent a bottle into the ocean with a letter and a magic key, then fell into a deep sleep until now!

The game begins with the player finding this mysterious bottle and travels to Anthos to help restore it to its former glory.


  • Discover five unique towns with their own seasons, terrain, and villagers!
  • Explore the world of Anthos on foot, a horse, or some other unique mounts while searching for Harvest Wisps, wild animals, mines, and more!
  • Woo five different bachelors and five different bachelorettes! Marry whoever your heart desires with the first ever inclusion of same-sex marriage for Natsume!
  • Care for livestock such as cows, sheep, chickens, and more, and earn bonuses on your farm for keeping a variety of animals!
  • Keep pets such as cats, dogs, parakeets, wolves, and more!
  • Doc Jr. is back with a new and improved Expando-Farm that lets you easily move your farm around the land of Anthos!
    • Fast travel around the world using the Harvest Goddess's Warp Statues!
  • Take pictures, selfies, and more with the brand-new camera feature!
  • Participate in ten different festivals and contests!



  • Arnold - A serious and inflexible man who, however, cannot sit back when somebody is in need of help. He loves music and often plays in secret.
  • Kaimana - A passionate tackle craftsman who loves to fish. Though he's somewhat overconfident, he still never gives up.
  • Neil - A chef-in-training, he's very laid back and actually loves eating more than cooking.
  • Nikolai - An apothecary who is not very good with people, despite being amazing at his job.
  • Westley - The leader of Providence. He is rational and strict but still well-liked and quite generous.
  • Jaques (DLC) - Only available as part of the Visitors from Afar DLC, Jaques is a stoic assistant.


  • Aolani - A bubbly fisherman who loves the sea but loves fish even more!
  • Ella - An optimistic and free-spirited artist with strong beliefs in her art.
  • Judy - An animal dealer with a sharp tongue and a major soft spot for all animals.
  • Lina - A girl who loves to make stylish and functional furniture. She's outgoing and acts like a caring big sister to everyone.
  • Vivi - An elegant girl with a strong disposition that helps her survive on her many travels anywhere in Anthos.
  • Charolette (DLC) - Only available as part of the Visitors from Afar DLC, Charolette is a CEO.


Preorder Bonus

PreorderBonus (TWoA)

The preorder bonus in North America featured a 25th anniversary sleepy cow plushie for preordering a physical copy of the game from any source.

Collector's Cards

A set of four polymer cards featuring the harvest sprites from The Winds of Anthos. The cards can be bought for US$10 each or US$40 for the whole bundle. However, one random card was also received as a preorder bonus if you ordered directly from Natsume's shop. Additionally, there is a fifth Tiny Harvest Goddess card available in all of Natsume's bundles or by itself.

Official Artbook

Artbook (TWoA)

A 72-page artbook containing concept art, vibrant depictions of towns, character profiles, animals, and even costumes! This 72-page artbook is also available for pre-order with the game's premium edition or by itself for US$30.

Letter & Key in Bottle Keyring

Pins (TWoA)

A miniature keyring replica inspired by the game's official concept art for the letter in a bottle that the Harvest Goddess sends out at the beginning of the game. Crafted from zinc alloy metal and accompanied by a velvet bag for travel this is available in the collector's edition or by itself for US$35.


Backpack (TWoA)

A synthetic leather backpack featuring a chicken design and a chick patch. The backpack is available as part of the ultimate edition or by itself for US$125.

Limited-Edition Bundle

LimitedBundle (TWoA)

Available in collaboration with NIS America, the player is able to purchase a limited-edition bundle that includes

  • Original 1-disc Soundtrack
  • Animal Lapel Pin Set (Set of 6)
  • Collector's Box
  • Harvest Moon 25th Anniversary Sleepy time Cow Plush

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